August 18-24


Adventure, Golden Donna, Sweet William, Stacian, Magic Key and M.C. Dazzlestorm. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown 

Earring (IL), Rosemary Krust, Katrina Stonehart (IL), and Plake 64 and the Hexagrams. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K

George Cessna, Scout Paré-Phillips, and Blood & Sun. 9:30 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles

Crunk Witch and Starlight Natives. 9 pm, free @ Joe Squared


Nephila, Jerome, Phemale, Gene Pick/Vasculae, and Gxnt Valentine. 9 pm @ Tribel Haus

Crimson Wave, Hollow Boys, Baklavaa, and Big Mouth. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (Red)

Jonathon Badger, Clear Channel, Newagehillbilly, and Teach Me EqualsTeach Me Equals (PA). 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Doyle, Ashylus, Ravengers, Flag of the White Rose, and Enemy Insects. 7 pm @ Metro Gallery


Assategue (CA), Viking Moses, Boats and Opal Wood @ Bleachhouse (2714 Maryland Ave)

Squarewave Vol. VI. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

The Sneaks (DJ set) @ The Crown (Red)

vo vs sw DJ night. 9 pm, free @ Club K

Demo Studio: Teaching as a Design Process. 5 pm @ D Center Baltimore


Club Mnemonic with Gula Gila, Melkbelly, Tha Wild Card Line, Google Talk and Gxnt DJ. 9 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Baltimore Baseball, Barbecue and Boog. 7 pm, free @ Atomic Books

Jeff Brunell, Music Bones, Precious Solo, and Cara White. 8 pm, free @ Club K

The Lavender Tone, Feral Sway, The Cleaners Association, and Flashlight O. 8:30 pm, free @ The Windup Space


Fields Festival featuring 60+ bands, performance art, dance, plays, comedy, sound and visual installations + more. 3 pm, $65 adv, $85 dos @ Camp Ramblewood

Glitter Thighs presents Hot Mesh @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

The Sit and Watch Talk-Barn @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

Wet Brain, No One and the Somebodies, Turbosleaze and Infinite Pizza. 8 pm, $6 @ The Crown

Western Star, Thomas Macdonald, Telegraph Wires and Old Blue Eyes. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Bang, Satan’s Satrys, The Pilgrim and DJ El Suprimo. 9 pm @ Metro Gallery


Fields Festival featuring 60+ bands, performance art, dance, plays, comedy, sound and visual installations + more. 11 am, $65 adv, $85 dos @ Camp Ramblewood

The Sit and Watch Talk-Barn @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

Jelly with Sugar Shane, Jon Kwest, James Nasty and Hoss. 9 pm, $5 before 11:30, $9 after @ The Crown

Shiloh, Hybrid Baby, Root and the Basilik, Grayling Sky, and Easy Number. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K 

The Clean, Small Apartments and Expert Alterations. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery (SOLD OUT)

Nick Flora and Chris & Jenna. $8 @ Gallery 788

Baltimore Time Travel 2. 7 pm, free @ Atomic Books


Fields Festival featuring 60+ bands, performance art, dance, plays, comedy, sound and visual installations + more. 12 pm, $65 adv, $85 dos @ Camp Ramblewood

The Sit and Watch Talk-Barn @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

Benny’s Video. 8 pm, free @ The Crown

Iji, Chester Endersby Gwazda, Marvalous Good Fortune and Butch Dawson. 8 pm @ The Bahamas (Copycat B403)

August 11-17


Club Mnemonic with Kyle Mabson, Schwarz (live set), Bow Legged Gorilla, and Mark Brown. 9 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Population, Corpse Light, and Boys Cry a Lot. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K

Emulsified with DJ Rob Macy. 9 pm @ Joe2


Sweepstakes, Flag Day, Shimmer, and Sherman Whips. 10 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles

That One Eyed Kid, 3rd Grade Friends, Mashallah, and Slydog. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Sight Unseen presents Creative Destruction. 8 pm, $5 @ The Windup Space

Start a band night. 9 pm, free @ The Crown


Reagan Cats, Tin Tin, the Kips, and Sweet Talk. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

DJ James Ford. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Red)

DJ A New Hope and DJ Dead Body @ The Crown (Blue)

Stars and the Sea, Weeknight, Bootblacks, and Drone Theory. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery


Xiuscape (Xiu the rat benefit show) with Catholicism, Clear Channel, Friend Beast, Transgender VHS, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Dj Christ Superstar. 9 pm, $6 @ The Crown (Red)

Potty Mouth, an evening of comedy with Don’t Tell Mom, Maire Witt O’Neil, Jordan Card, and Katya Tepper. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

Endless, Musket Hawk, Bukkake Moms, and Load In. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

Baltimore King of the Ring night. 8 pm, $5 @ Windup Space


Idling at Dusk with CoLa, Ro, and DJ Blazia_Foxx. 5 pm @ Penn Station

Dead Mellotron, Teen Body and more. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

United Nations, Old Lines, Frameworks and When Skies Are Gray. 7 pm @ The Ottobar

Blinding Eye Dog, Wwix, Bukkake Party Tonight, and Scismatics. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Brenmar, Matic 808, Schwarz, Uncle Jess, and Hoss. 8 pm, $10 adv, $13 dos @ Metro Gallery

Opening reception for Poetry Unlimited #2. 7 pm @ rock512devil

Opening reception for The Closet, a group exhibition featuring 10 artists. 7 pm  @ The H&H Building (4th floor)

Sight Unseen presents Rituals of Restoration: a program of moving image work by Steve Cossman. 8 pm @ The Station North Chicken Box


Roomrunner, Greys, Romantic States, and the Dirty Nil. 8 pm, ye$ @ Holy Underground

Friends Records presents Weekends, Deep Green, Dave Heumann, Will Redman, and Bliss. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (Blue)

Dirty Soul Dance Party with DJ Landis Expandis. 10 pm @ The Crown (Red)

Propagandhi, RVIVR, and War on Women. 7:30 pm @ The Ottobar

Time Columns, Hotel Neon, Hollywood Banks, and Ishmael. 8 pm, $8 @ Gallery 788

Hot Blood, Vansaders, Mickey and Mallory, Sister City, and Valet. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K


Dentist, Colora and 1 more. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Benny’s Video presents Toys, Jack, and Jumanji. 8 pm @ The Crown

August 4-10


Emulsified with DJ Rob Macy. 9 pm @ Joe2

The Merry Go Rounds, Neck First, Polypony and Dreggs. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K


Celebrated Summer Records 8 Yr Anniversary Party! 7 Seconds, The Copyrights, WarXgames, and Praise. 7 pm @ Ottobar

Stanley And The Search, No Tide, My Heart, My Anchor, Changing Scene, and Suburbs. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Argentinum Astrum, Citadel, Elagabalus, The Heads Are Zeros and DJ Soft Pink Truth. 10 pm @ The Crown

Whores, American Sharks, Passage Between and Ratboiler. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Juventud Podrida, Porkeria, Moloso and Pleasure Industry. $7 @ Club K

Normaling and Hootie B @ Luckies Liquors


The return of music played at a reasonable volume with DJ Team Alien Vs. Predator. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Red)

Jazz Lunch presents Cartoon Jazz. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)


Hey You, Come Back!: August reading feat. Emmett Buckley and Jenny Xie. 7 pm, free @ The Crown (Red)

Anything Goes Art Show featuring music by Drone Theory. 7 pm, suggested donation $5 @ Gallery 788

Next Step Up, Sand, Stout, and Queensway. 6 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Blowfly, Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children, Slow Jerks and more TBA. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Neftoss, Andrew Bernstein, Good Willsmith, Sugarm. 9:30 pm, $5 @ The Bank

Nick Hope, Zoo Brother, Twin Cabin and more TBA. 9 pm @ The Crown (Red)

Bring Your Own Vinyl Night. 8 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

Jebiotto, Dream Boyz, New Gods, Fevers, Worthless Homestead, and Jeff Carey. 8pm, $8 @ Club K


Closing reception for Base Period: Print/Collect and Color Wheel Collaboration featuring Alan Resnick and Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez. 7 pm, free @ Springsteen

Living Spaces #2 with Emily Reo, Ricky Eat Acid, Suno Deko, Infinity Crush and Soft Cat. 8 pm, $8 @ The Crown

The Wayward, Gnarwhal, and Pinecones. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Raw Power, Wartorn, Pain and more TBA. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Chrissy Vasquez’ Sola’moor release with Hi$to, Rakim Miles, Jujuan Allen, TT the Artist, 83 Cutlass, and Al Rogers. 8 pm @ Windup Space

Station North Salon Show Opening/After Party with DJ Book of Morrin @ The Crown 

Gross, Ahabs Revenge, Neat Freak, Soul Truck, Plague Czar, Waller, and Castration Rites. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K


Marian McLaughlin and Ethan Foote, Susan Alcorn, and Ccord Ensemble. $5-$10 suggested donation @ Church & Company

Wing Dam (record release), Sherman Whips, Sweepstakes, and DJ Omega 3s. 9 pm, $6 @ The Crown (Red)

The Sterling Sisters, Wailin Storms, and Morels. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

This is Baltimore #2 with Holy Tongues, Arrabers, and The Set-Up. 9 pm @ Windup Space

Shark Week, My America, and Diamond State. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K


Killerwinds, Id’ve, Drawback, The Great Dismal, and Phantom Lanterns (EP release) @ Club K

Narc, Zula, Leaping and more TBA. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Phantom Lanterns, Great Dismissal, Drawback and Killerwinds. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

July 28 - August 3


Brother Grusome, Heavy Friends, Soul Glimpse, and Inflatable Best Friend. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K


Towards a Vanishing Point: Film and Video Works by Chris Kennedy. 8 pm @ The Crown

Us & Us Only, Vundabar, Dungeon Kids, and Sun Club @ The Metro Gallery

Total Abuse, Sexgender, Sean Seaton, and Baklavaa. 9 pm @ The Sidebar

Ryan Tetar, Old Blue, James Barlett and Bryan Dunaway. 8 pm, $6 @ Club K 


Flex1000, Network Glass, Gene Pick, Floral Print, Extended Release, Candidate Demo, Vasculae, and Visk/Manuscript. 9 pm @ The Crown

Something More, Who Is Atlas?, Face Value, and Suburbs. 9 pm @ The Sidebar

People in Other Peoples Places, Artifacts, Perihelion, and Cathedrals. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

I am the Avalanche, Somos, Rust Belt Lights and Samuel Powers. 6 pm @ The Metro Gallery

Joy Classic, Civil Union (NZ), Boy Spit, Space Trash, and DJ Crippling Anxiety. 9 pm @ Windup Space

The Casket Girls and Blacksage. 10 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles


Spf666, James Nasty, and Schwarz. 10 pm, $5 @ The Crown (Blue)

Jazz Lunch presents Cartoon Jazz @ The Crown (Red) 

Jason Sage, Clementine O’Donnell, Heather Joi, and A Path Untold 8pm, $7 @ Club K 


Viking Moses, Soft Cat, Spenking, and Dave Fell. 9 pm, $5 @ Tush Towne

AK Slaughter (EP release) with Soul Cannon, Mickey Free and special guests. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

Freqy Friday with DJ Blaqstarr and DJ Sega. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Save Your Soul with Kid Congo Powers. 9 pm, $5 for members and guests, $5 for membership @ Lithuanian Hall

Shade featuring Scottie B, Angelbaby, Thunderbird Juicebox, Normaling, and hosted by DDM. 9 pm, $7 before 12, $10 after @ The Crown

Federal Dust Reading with Michael Kimball, Spencer Madsen, Chris Hosea, Christy Crutchfield and Robin Grearson. 7:30 pm, free @ 1003 Light Street, Rear Apt

Opening reception for Real Tree, works by Lexie Mountain @ Amex Contemporary (1515 Guilford Ave)

Fundraiser for a historical walking tour brochure of Hampden with Canopy, Jonathan Badger, and Haint Blue. 8 pm, free @ Church and Company


Brat Pit (NY), Alan Watts (NY), Extended Release, Floral Print, and Snack Master. 9:30 pm, $5 @ Holy Underground

Duskwales, Magnetic Flares, Cotten fever, the Vague, and Scotty Pimpin. 7:30 pm, $7 @ Club K

Bob Log III, The Pork Torta, Sick Thoughts and Judge Mental. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Jebiotto (Japan), Black Sage, Vacant Windows, Modern Girls, Warm and Comfy, and Stinky Nice. 8 pm, $8 @ The Crown (Red)

DJs Gh∞st & Lexx @ The Crown (Blue)


Hollywood Blanks, Ms. Sara, and Community Center @ Windup Space

Tape Heads: a cassette tape based listening party and mixtape swap. 8 pm, free @ The Crown 

July 21-27


Foozle, Flashlight O, Romantic States, andQuarterbacks (NY). 8pm, $5 @ Tush Towne (CCF401)

Morris Alba, Shroeder and the Brillo Pads, Warehouse, and Neckbeards, 8 pm, $5 @ Club K

Mutant Supremacy (NY), Skullshitter (NY), Cemetary Piss, and Rukut. 8 pm @ The Sidebar

Screening of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. 8 pm, free @ The Crown

We are Hex, Mind/Glow, and Curse. 9:30 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles


Wham City Comedy presents Comedy at The Crown, hosted by Ben O’Brien and Alan Resnick with Stavros Halkias, Brandie Posey (CA), Lexie Mountain, Robby Rackleff, Alex Braslavsky, and Cricket Arrison. 8:30 pm, $5 @ The Crown (Red)

Dj Landis Expandis. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

Stephen Lee, Whitman (VA), Cat Be Damned, and Baltimore String Felons. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Devourment, Cognitive, Short Bus Pileup, Vattnet Viskar, Silver Snakes, and Why They Kill. 7 pm @ The Sidebar

Jason Lescalleet, Terence Hannum, and Charles Dube. 8:30 pm, $6 @ The Red Room


DJ Quizmore and Ned Ryerson. 10pm, free (red side) @ The Crown (Red)

DJ Angel Baby (early event) 6pm, $10 @ The Crown (blue)

New Deutsch Wave DJ Set by Lucas King. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

Wildness Alive, Wyoming Exploded, and 0ella. 8pm, donation @ Club K


Ciara Myst with Dan Deacon, The Book of Morrin, and Coach Schmidt. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (both sides)

Lushlife, Floozie, Sweater Gang, and Sink Tapes. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Heavy Friends, Antherums, Tendrills, and Herro Sugar. 8 pm, $5 before 9 pm, $7 after @ Windup Space

Power Trip (TX), Mammoth (TX), Ilsa (DC), Genocide Pact (DC), and Fell to Low (CA). 7 pm, $12 @ Metro Gallery

Mission Zero @ Gallery 788


Surf Harp, Hang Men, and Sun Club. 8:30pm, ye$ @ The Holy Underground

Outer Spaces, Shade, Oh Rose and Boy Spit. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (red)

Stalking Horses and Honest Mistakes, Canker Blossom, and Lily Amy. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

A Sunny Day in Glasglow, Yumi Zouma, and Thrushes DM. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

DT Huber, Kindlewood, Raindeer, and Great American Canyon Band @ Windup Space


Single Channel Cheeseburgers with Eric Barry Drasin (NY), Sofy Yuditskaya (NY), Brendan Byrne (NY), Josh Laskin, Josh DeLorimier (DE), TJ Domingue, and Dan Zink. 9 pm, $5 @ Holy Underground

Wye Oak, Matmos, and Wume @ Metro Gallery (Outside)

Dreampipe Vermin (Canada), Tombo Crush (PA), Suzanne Doogan, Alan Ginsberg, and Mary Wander. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (red)

While, Chac Mool, and Wheatie Mattiaisch. 9 pm, $5 @ The Crown (blue)

Vealkunte, Angels Vice, Precious Child, Cherry Tree, Imaginary Hockey League and more. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

Cult Leader, Oathbreaker, The Heads Are Zeros, Eyelet, Bleach Bath, and Pure Disgust. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Glitter Thighs presents the Pool Party. 7 pm, $10 adv, $15 day of @ The Tiki Barge


Curtains, Sweepstakes, and Nick Hope. 8pm, ye$ @ The Holy Underground

Natural Velvet, Vacant Windows, and Avers (PA). 8 pm, $8 @ Metro Gallery

Foghound Bask (NC), Dead Channels (NY), and Firecracker. 3 pm, $3 @ Windup Space

No Such Noise and Wafflestompers @ Charm City Art Space

Kaoru Nagisa,Ma Catharsis Et La Mort, Neck First and Heads are Zeros. 8pm, $8 @ Club K

'Proliferate' Poetry Zine Release Party. 8 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)