June 23-29


INCA, BAAM, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, Two Inch Astronaut. 9pm, $6 @ The Crown

Stagnant Pools, Surf Harp, and Sean Wilson. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

Klaus Dukes, Benji, Cara White, Jeff Brunell, The Cleanup, and Kitsune Rad. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Metal Monday with The Pilgrim and Old Lines. 9 pm, free @ The Ottobar (upstairs)


Mario de Vega + Bonnie Jones with Hurricane (Harper, Mostofsky, Roche). $6 @ The Red Room 

Pilgrim, Age of Taurus, Iron Man, Witch Hazel. 8 pm, $12 @ Metro Gallery

Karaoke Forever. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (red)

DJ John Jones. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)


Lovely Little Girls, Sofia Reta, DJ Scwarz, Feral Sway, and Nicky Smith. 9 pm, $7 @ The Crown (red)

Cold Wave night with DJ Lucas King. 9 pm , free @ The Crown (blue)

Onward Progress, Old Victrola, They Move on Threads, and Telegraph Wires. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Sun Club, Raindeer, and Heavy Friends. 9:30 pm, free @ Windup Space

Lizz King, Nick Hope, Blood Mops, and N’y Qu’il. 11pm, free @ Holy Frijoles

Ben Bennett, Jamie Branch, Paul Niedhardt, and Jeff Carey @ The Red Room


Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (record release), Rat Fist, HD Sunrise, and Chac Mool. 9 pm, $7 @ Floristree

Dope Body, Guerilla Toss, Horse Lords, and DJ Mark Brown. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

DJ Tommy Rouse, DJ Asa, DJ McBeth. 10 pm, free @ The Crown

Ken Rock South, Dream Boyz, New Age Hillbilly, An Atomic Whirl, The Roots and the Baslisk. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

Sneaks, Black Sage, and Nick Hope. 9 pm, $5 @ Windup Space

Jack Wright, Andrew Drury and Patrick Crossland, and Will Redman @ The Red Room


Snowcone, Knight’s Templar (NJ), GOVT (NJ), Sprash, and Spreaders. 8 pm @ House Keith

Backslider (PA), Ilsa, Triac, Bestial Evil, and Red Death (DC). 8 pm, $7 @ Dishaus

Joy Classic, Dead Monks, Lilac Daze, and Infinite Honey. 9 pm, $5 @ Windup Space

PitchBlak Brass Band, DJ James Nasty, and Al Rogers Jr. 8pm, $7 @ The Crown

Nouveux-expo, Gamble Cosmos, Mild Child, and Robert Mitchel. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Merchandise, Nat Baldwin, and Ukiah Drag. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

The Business, The Attack, Cop Stabber, and the Creep. 8 pm @ The Sidebar

Save Your Soul with daddy Longlegs and The Stents. 10:30 pm, $7 @ Golden West

Opening reception for We’re All Strangers Here feauturing six artists. 7 pm @ EMP Collective

Turnstile, Angel Du$t, Criminal Instinct, Hard Stripes, Warxgames, and  Red Death. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Keir Neuringer and Patrick Cain @ The Red Room


"And Some of His Sons were Horses" Fest. 5 pm @ Tribel Haus

Opening reception for Impossible Eye: New Work by Miranda Pfieffer and Ginevra Shay. 7 pm @ Rock512Devil

After-Party for ‘Impossible Eye: New Work by Miranda Pfieffer and Ginevra Shay’ @ The Crown (red)

Dance Party with DJ BWO. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

Vinny Vegas (record release), Dreamcatcher, Mals Totem, and Stillglow. 8 pm, $8  @ Metro Gallery

Opening reception for The Big Show, Big Dance Party! w/ DJ Exclaime and DJ eDDible.  Reception 6pm, dance party 8pm. $5, free for members @ Creative Alliance


ONO, Impatience Machine, and Functionary. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Fister, Terrorist, Fortress, and Musket Hawk. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

June 16-22


Jucifer, Baklavaa and Pandas. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Perfect Future, Dirty Kills, Bueno Crusher and Loose Ones. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K 


Women With Knives Tour - Experimental Animation from Kelly Gallagher, Lauren Cook, and Charlotte Taylor. 8 pm, $6 or pay what you can for the touring women if attending both Crown shows that night @ The Crown

Chiffon, Co La, and Thug Entrancer. 8:30 pm @ The Crown

Cachabacha, Seethrough Dresses, Reagan Cats and Sailors Mouth. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Modern Baseball, Tiny Moving Parts, The Hotelier, Soroirty Noise, and Sister City. 6 pm, (SOLD OUT) @ Metro Gallery


Lillith, Exemptus, Virulence, and Old Man Savage. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

Square/Wave Vol IV. 10 pm @ The Crown

Thee Lexington Arrows and Bree (NY). 9 pm, free @ Joe Squared


Stephen Lee, Gallows Bound, and Hollywood Blanks. 9 pm, free @ 1919 (1919 E Fleet St.)

6000 Things I Would Do If You Died Before Me. 8 pm, $5 @ The Station North Chicken Box

Wet Brain, Mensroom, Bitchmouth, Quitter, and Crimes. 8pm, $7 @ Club K 

Opium (S)Wampum (part viii). 9 pm, free @ The Crown

Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church


Guy Blakeslee, Weyes Blood, and Smoke Bellow. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Hybrid Baby, Drone Theory, Captive Sons, and Animal Spirits. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Bobby E. Lee & the Sympathizers, The Matrimonials, Cubbiebear, and The Foxhole Prayer Tabernacle Choir. 8 pm @ The Ottobar

6000 Things I Would Do If You Died Before Me. 8 pm, $5 @ The Station North Chicken Box

Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church

Opening reception for Peel Me Slow, work by Richard Munaba. 7 pm @ La Bodega Gallery (1501 Guilford Ave, Copycat Building, A100)


Scottie B, Massacooramaan, Snow Wite, Schwarz, Svengali, Team Buffy, and Mark Brown. 6 pm, $5 @ Current Gallery 

Kahlon featuring Weekends, Buffa7o,  Abdu Ali, Sexoesthetic , Co La, Sentinl and Scottie B. 9:30 pm, $7 @ The Crown

Torrid Husk, Dweller in the Valley, Cavern, and Lifetime Shitlist. 8 pm @ Club K

Baltimore Square Dance. 7:30 pm, $10, $7 w/ student ID @ the Mobtown Ballroom

6000 Things I Would Do If You Died Before Me. 8 pm, $5 @ The Station North Chicken Box

Live band punk rock karaoke. 9 pm @ The Ottobar

CNC mold making workshop. 2 pm, $25 @ Gallery 788

Artist talk with Lisa Moren, “Ecology and Economy in the Australian Outback”. 6 pm, free @ Gallery 788

An evening with Bosley: music, libations, hors d’oeuvres . 10 pm, $20 @ Church & Co. 

Comfy, Graveyard Kids, Mikey Powers, Sugar Puss, Sunset Theme. 8 pm, donations @ The Foxhole

Man Forever, Microkingdom, Oh Hang and Brandon Arinaldo. 9 pm @ The Windup Space


Big Ups, Crimson Wave, Boy Spit, and Romantic States. 9:30 pm, ye$ @ The Ottobar (Upstairs)

BillxNye, Soul Truck, Bone Machine, and Plague Czar. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

6000 Things I Would Do If You Died Before Me. 8 pm, $5 @ The Station North Chicken Box

Benny’s Video presents Bad Lieutenant and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. 8 pm @ The Crown

June 9 -15 


Sight Unseen presents a screening of H.E.F.F. on 95. 7:30 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Hays Dowdy, People Skills, Blue Sky Deep, and Ancient River. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

Foozle, Delay (OH), and Martha (UK). 9 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles


Karaoke Forever. 9pm, free @ The Crown

Dogbite, Menos Sora, Ryan Teter, and Otuim. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K 

Solstice (FL), Coffin Dust, and Bestial Evil. 7 pm, $8 @ The Ottobar


Bobby Donnie, The Bowlegged Gorilla, and 20ooo. 10:30 pm, $6 @ Golden West

Natural Velvet, Heaven’s Gate, Dead Mellotron, and Feral Sway. 8 pm @ The Crown (Blue Room)

Vague Output with Nemeton, Floral Print, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Alex Gardel and Bwo. 9:30 pm, free @ The Crown (Red Room)

Dylen Sevey, The Lilly Kills and Jacob Panic. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Sofia Reta, Humanbeast, and Flex1000. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Swearin’, Potty Mouth, Wing Dam, and Dungeon Kids. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Ottobar

Screening of A Body Without Organs screening with director Stephen Graves. 8 pm, $6 @ The Windup Space

Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church

Whoabear, Gamble Cosmos, Inverse Phase and Midnight Society. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Shitfucker, Occult 45, Universal Remonster and more TBA. 9 pm, $7 @ The Sidebar


Bellevederes, Modern Girls, Among Wolves, and Junestar. 8 pm, $5-$10 @ the 5th Dimension

Class Picture, Back and Forth, Centerfield, and Sailor’s Mouth. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church

Sick Thoughts, Flesh Wounds, Ar-kaics, and Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown 

Dead Yeti, The Recently Deceased, Blinding Eye Dog, and Cara White. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Rough House presents Constance and the Perpetual Motion Machine. 8 pm, $10 @ The Mercury (formerly The Strand)

Everybody All The Time. 8 pm, $8 @ The Windup Space

Bastards of Reality, Black Rose, Asstro Zombies, and Clenched Fist. 9 pm, $7 @ The Metro Gallery

Opening reception for Tisch Abelow and Peter Harkawik @ Freddy Gallery (formerly sophiajacob, 510 W. Franklin Street)


Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church

The Pushovers, Frankie and Betty, and Blackwolf Beach. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Pride Afterparty feat. DDM, Blaqstarr, The Sneaks, Ponyo, ANML, Ozone Mark, Stevepossible, surprise special guest set. $5, 9 pm @ The Crown

Rough House presents Constance and the Perpetual Motion Machine. 8 pm and 10 pm, $10 @ The Mercury (formerly The Strand)

Applefeast, Louder Than Quiet, Of Apollo, and My Heart, My Anchor @ Charm City Art Space

Spctrl Ntrst 1 with Nerf Toss, Extant, World Brain, Sick Lion and Sntnl. 9 pm, $5 @ Uni Mart


Arab Spring, A Troop of Echoes, Fovea, Tapestries, and No Cervix. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Screening of True Stories and Rock and Roll High School. 7 pm, free @ The Crown

A Troop of Echos, Tapastries, Arab Spring and No Cervix. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

People Under the Stairs, OG Dutch Master, Eze Jackson, and Rapdragons. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Crystal Stilts, Craft Spells, Juan Wauters, Expert Alterations. 8pm @ Ottobar

June 2-8


The Spook School (UK), Heathers (CA), Romantic States,  Expert Alterations, They Move On Threads and Wildhoney (DJ set). 7:30 pm, $7, $5 with student ID @ The Windup Space 

DJ CH@TRx and Jer Hy. Free, 9 pm  @ The Crown

Algiers, Anal Butt, cp/m, and New Age Hillbill. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Zodiac Karaoke Party. 9 pm, free @ The Yellow Sign


Wei Zhongle, Jonathan Badger, and Robby Neubauer. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K 

Design Conversation: The State of Baltimore’s Architecture. 6 pm @ The Windup Space

Streets of Laredo, Mother, The Herd of Main Street, and Big Hoax. 7 pm @ The Ottobar

B.Y.O.V. Bring Your Own Vinyl Night. 8 pm @ The Crown 


Impatience Machine, Her Fantastic Cats, Jeff Brunell, and 20,000. 8 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Palberta, Tendrills, Opal Wood. 9 pm, free @ Club K


Anicon, Belus, Inverted Trifixion, Putrid Servant and Curse. 8 pm, $8 @ The Sidebar

Hey You, Come Back!: reading feat. Matthew Buckley Smith and Alex Creighton. 7 pm, free @ The Crown

Sweat Dance Party with DJs Brandon Arinaldo and Tommy Rouse. 10 pm, free @ The Crown

Slumber Box, Skribe, and Cardinal Compass. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Opening reception for Salon Show with performances by D.T. Huber and Shane Burke. 7 pm @ Gallery 788

Opening reception for Ruby Moon: A Parade of Vintage Elegance. 7 pm , free @ The Alchemy of Art 

Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church


Snack Master, Josh Van Horne, A’phreaq, Alex Deranian and projections by Chris Balint. 10 pm, $5 @ Holy Underground

Ladyfest Baltimore with many bands @ The Windup Space, Red Emma’s and Liam’s

Normals’ 24th Anniversary Party with Wume, Old Songs, the Go Pills, Tim Paggi and Megan McShea. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Sweepstakes, The Stops, Hookers Made Out of Cocaine, Headwounds and Wooden Indian Burial Ground. 8 pm @ Club K

Save Your Soul with Soul Call Paul, Rob Fearless and King Gilbert. 9 pm  @ Lithuanian Hall

Freqy Friday with DJ Blaqstarr. 9pm @ The Crown

Johnny Riggs’ “Faced”: polaroid portraits from a former alternative rock DJ 7 pm, free @ Atomic Books

Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church


Quitter, Boy Spit, and Sega Genesis. 9 pm @ Holy Underground

Flashlight O (tape release), Mitski, Cookietom, Michael Wasteneys. 9 pm,  ye$ @ The Bahamas

Ladyfest Baltimore with many bands @ The Windup Space, Red Emma’s and Liam’s

JML (IL), Myconids, FFH, Stress Orphan, C10, Extended Release, Trish Devine, and POV @ The Candy Shoppe

Adam Savage birthday bash with Pig Destroyer, Magrudergrind, Inter Arma, Cemetery Piss, Putrisect, and DJ Drrrty South iPod. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

The Crown turns 1 with DJs CoLa, Lexx, Potionz, Book of Morrin and more. 9 pm, free @ The Crown

Federal Dust Reading: Jen Michalski, Alina Gregorian & Caryn Lazzuri. 7:30 pm, free @ 1003 Light Street, Rear Apt, Baltimore, MD 21230

Kaspar, a play by Peter Handke, directed by Lola B. Pierson. 8:30 pm @ St. Marks Church

Cutsail, Fine Fine, Gloria Adios, and Canker Blossom. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Ladyfest Baltimore with many bands @ The Windup Space, Red Emma’s and Liam’s

Bent Knee, Robotopotomus and Strum the Fox, and the Man. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

May 26- June 1


Baltimore INC Memorial Day BBQ. 5 pm @ Tribel Haus

Banner Pilot, War on Women, 96 Ghosts, and Over Our Eyes. 8 pm  @ Metro Gallery

Vishnu Basement, Superteen, and Piñata. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Strange Times, Head of Power, Canker Blossom, Skull Theft, Schroeder and the Brillo pad, and Cutsail. 7:30 pm, $7 @ Club K 

The Adicts, Downtown Brown, The Set-Up, The Street Parade, Lisa Doll & The Rock and Roll Romance @ The Ottobar

Karaoke Forever. 9pm, free @ The Crown

Itto, Sinai Vessel, The Heads Are Zeros, and Class Picture. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space


Brief Lives, Holy Tongues, Crimes and DJ Jerrod Bronson. 9 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles

Wet Brain, DSA (OH), Rukut, and Bludded Head (TX). 9 pm, $6 @ The Sidebar

DJ Chase, Swift, Psychoacoustics, and WüLF. 9 pm, free @ Club K

Cold Wave Night with DJ Lucas King and more. 9 pm, free @ The Crown


Martian Architect, DJ Bryan Green, WeAreUs, and Nomad Express. 9 pm, $7 @ Club K

Opium Wampum VII. 9p m, ye$ @ The Crown 

A welcome dinner for “The Missing Things”. 7 pm, free @ Current Gallery

Messes, Topbunk, Fine, Fine, and Schroeder & The Brillo-Pad. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space


Open Walls Closing Party with Big Freedia, DJ Class, MikeQ, DJ Angelbaby and more @ North Avenue and Charles Street 

Open Walls Baltimore 2 Closing Party with Schwarz, TT The Artist, Mighty Mark and more. 10 pm, $5 @ The Crown 

Holy Fingers, Horzontal Hold, and the Degenerettes. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Kidult Variety Show and Dance Party Benefit for 901 Arts. 7 pm,  $7-20 sliding scale donation, children 5 and under free. @ 2640 Space

Scorpion Child, Crobot, The Flying Eyes, Castle, and Radical Discharge. 7 pm  @ Metro Gallery

Chester Gwazda, Other Colors, Softspot and HD Sunrise. 8:30 pm @ Church & Company


Cal Folger Day, Louis Weeks, Holy Holy Vine, and Neil Sanzgiri. 8 pm @ Holy Underground

Diarrhea Planet, Music Band, Cowabunga Pizza Time, and Ratboiler. 8 pm, $8 @ The Gold Bar

Wildhoney (record release), Gold-Bears, Literature, Smoke Bellow and Big Mouth. 9 pm @ The Crown

Grand Piano, Pushing Giants, Blue Sky Deep and the Sound of Rescue.  8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Alternative Hip Hop in Hampden 2 with Femi the Drifish, Something Complex, Kiddead, Sofa Brown, Adam Selene, and Vans Westly. 7 pm, $7 @ Gallery 788

Foreign Ad Agency pop up with Hoesy Corona, Kata Frederick, Sarah Tooley, and Sophia Mak @ Tuxedo Zone

Little Big League, Makeshift Shelters, Centerfield, and Lilac Daze. 7 pm  @ Charm City Art Space


El Suprimo Anniversary Party with The Pilgrim, Wounded Giant, and more TBA. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Screening of Dazed and Confused and Over the Edge. 7 pm, free @ The Crown

Jason Sage, A Path Untold, Little Renegade, and Heather Joi. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Something More, Chasing Morgan, Post Season, and A Place In Time. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space