July 21-27


Foozle, Flashlight O, Romantic States, andQuarterbacks (NY). 8pm, $5 @ Tush Towne (CCF401)

Morris Alba, Shroeder and the Brillo Pads, Warehouse, and Neckbeards, 8 pm, $5 @ Club K

Mutant Supremacy (NY), Skullshitter (NY), Cemetary Piss, and Rukut. 8 pm @ The Sidebar

Screening of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. 8 pm, free @ The Crown

We are Hex, Mind/Glow, and Curse. 9:30 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles


Wham City Comedy presents Comedy at The Crown, hosted by Ben O’Brien and Alan Resnick with Stavros Halkias, Brandie Posey (CA), Lexie Mountain, Robby Rackleff, Alex Braslavsky, and Cricket Arrison. 8:30 pm, $5 @ The Crown (Red)

Dj Landis Expandis. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

Stephen Lee, Whitman (VA), Cat Be Damned, and Baltimore String Felons. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Devourment, Cognitive, Short Bus Pileup, Vattnet Viskar, Silver Snakes, and Why They Kill. 7 pm @ The Sidebar

Jason Lescalleet, Terence Hannum, and Charles Dube. 8:30 pm, $6 @ The Red Room


DJ Quizmore and Ned Ryerson. 10pm, free (red side) @ The Crown (Red)

DJ Angel Baby (early event) 6pm, $10 @ The Crown (blue)

New Deutsch Wave DJ Set by Lucas King. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

Wildness Alive, Wyoming Exploded, and 0ella. 8pm, donation @ Club K


Ciara Myst with Dan Deacon, The Book of Morrin, and Coach Schmidt. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (both sides)

Lushlife, Floozie, Sweater Gang, and Sink Tapes. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Heavy Friends, Antherums, Tendrills, and Herro Sugar. 8 pm, $5 before 9 pm, $7 after @ Windup Space

Power Trip (TX), Mammoth (TX), Ilsa (DC), Genocide Pact (DC), and Fell to Low (CA). 7 pm, $12 @ Metro Gallery

Mission Zero @ Gallery 788


Surf Harp, Hang Men, and Sun Club. 8:30pm, ye$ @ The Holy Underground

Outer Spaces, Shade, Oh Rose and Boy Spit. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (red)

Stalking Horses and Honest Mistakes, Canker Blossom, and Lily Amy. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

A Sunny Day in Glasglow, Yumi Zouma, and Thrushes DM. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

DT Huber, Kindlewood, Raindeer, and Great American Canyon Band @ Windup Space


Single Channel Cheeseburgers with Eric Barry Drasin (NY), Sofy Yuditskaya (NY), Brendan Byrne (NY), Josh Laskin, Josh DeLorimier (DE), TJ Domingue, and Dan Zink. 9 pm, $5 @ Holy Underground

Wye Oak, Matmos, and Wume @ Metro Gallery (Outside)

Dreampipe Vermin (Canada), Tombo Crush (PA), Suzanne Doogan, Alan Ginsberg, and Mary Wander. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (red)

While, Chac Mool, and Wheatie Mattiaisch. 9 pm, $5 @ The Crown (blue)

Vealkunte, Angels Vice, Precious Child, Cherry Tree, Imaginary Hockey League and more. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

Cult Leader, Oathbreaker, The Heads Are Zeros, Eyelet, Bleach Bath, and Pure Disgust. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Glitter Thighs presents the Pool Party. 7 pm, $10 adv, $15 day of @ The Tiki Barge


Curtains, Sweepstakes, and Nick Hope. 8pm, ye$ @ The Holy Underground

Natural Velvet, Vacant Windows, and Avers (PA). 8 pm, $8 @ Metro Gallery

Foghound Bask (NC), Dead Channels (NY), and Firecracker. 3 pm, $3 @ Windup Space

No Such Noise and Wafflestompers @ Charm City Art Space

Kaoru Nagisa,Ma Catharsis Et La Mort, Neck First and Heads are Zeros. 8pm, $8 @ Club K

'Proliferate' Poetry Zine Release Party. 8 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

July 14-20


People Like You, Nick Hoegberg, Travelers.  8 pm, $3-5 @ the Bahamas (CCB403)

Dead Empires, Passage Between, Corpse Light, and Rhin. 8pm, $5. 8:30pm @ Club K 

The Donkeys and Soft Peaks. 6:30 pm @ The Ottobar (Upstairs)

Amadels, Narrator, Natural Velvet and Nick Hope. 10 pm @ Holy Frijoles 

Weatherbox, Dikembe, Wish List, and Sister City. 7 pm, $10 adv, $12 dos @ Metro Gallery


Viking Moses, Matthew Starke, Pin Land, and AJ Woods (NM). 8 pm @ Church & Company

Midnight Reruns, Sal Bando, and Thee Lexington Arrows. 9 pm @ Holy Frijoles

Niccolo Siligmann, Mike Gary, Fraiser and the Cranes. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Maryland Film Fest Artscape 2014 Kickoff Party. 8 pm, $10, $5 for Friends of the Festival @ By Degrees Cafe


Opening reception for Logical Magic, paintings by Sejong Cho with performances by Microkingdom and Tween Omens. 7 pm @ The Windup Space

Square/Wave Vol. 5. 10 pm @ The Crown

DJ Team Alien Vs. Predator. 10:30 pm @ The Crown (Red) 

DJ Tec, and Swift and Keyboard Comrade. 8 pm, free @ Club K

Shenandoah Alley. 8 pm, $3 @ Beatnik 


Roomrunner, Fight Amp, Kowloon Walled City, and Hive Bent. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Of the Beloved Body, Thief Everley, Haunt, and The Lives To Come. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of The Marquis de Sade. 8 pm @ The Station North Chicken Box


Persuasion Salon No. 1 feat. Bernard Herman, Amanda Horowitz, Jen Kirsten, V.I.S.A. corp., Duncan Moore, and Howard Kleger. 8:30 pm @ Tribel Haus

Opium Wampum IX with Holy Ghost Party, Abu The Flutemaker, Julie Byrne, Adam Lempel and Sunatirene, and Hoesy Corona. 10 pm @ The Penthouse

Hoser (PA), Blue Smiley (PA), Caddywhompus (LA), DEAD (PA) and Grandma (MD). 7 pm @ House Keith

Spctrl Ntrst #2 with A N M L, Gangsta Love, Jack Toft, Extant, Dylijens, Clear Channel, and Scrambleshake. 9 pm, ye$ @ Unimart

Flat Out with Juegotheninety, Bastiengoat, Bored Lord, Plain Text, Minivan Markus, and a very special guest @ 3503 Greenmount Ave

Cakes Da Killa, Astrolith, Mighty Mark, TT the Artist, DDM, Thunderbird Juicebox, Normaling and more. 8 pm, $7 adv, $10 dos @ Metro Gallery

Swimsuit Addition, Chia, Steam Theory, Info You Solar and Petey. 7 pm, $8 @ Club K 

Remembering Never, Vice, Sicker Than Most, Dead Gods, and Bereave. 7 pm  @ Charm City Art Space

Alloverstreet. Openings at six galleries @ Area 405, Bodega Gallery, Gallery CA, Lil Gallery, Springsteen Gallery and The Monument Quilt Studio

Field Day @ Artscape (1500 and 1800 North Charles Street)

Untitled (Just Kidding): Jesse Malmed screening @ The Baltimore Alternative Art Fair (1714 N. Charles St.)

Worlds in Collusion with many performances @ UB Student Center

Kenny the Bowlegged Gorilla, Amy Reid, and Honne Wells bonfire dance party @ The Compound

Open Space presents the Alternative Art Fair. 12 pm @ 1714 N. Charles Street


Club Mnemonic Artscape After Party with Soft Pink Truth, Shams, Kilbourne, Schwarz, Mark Brown, Cex, and Blaqstarr. 12 am, $7 before 1 am, $15 after @ Paradox

Save Your Soul with Jonathan Toubin. 9 pm, $7 @ The Metro Gallery

Sweet Saro, Mink Hollow, and Ms. Sara. 6 pm, free @ The Crown (Red)

GRYSCL, Gifts, and Schroeder and the Brillo-Pad. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space 

Static Yaks, Hybrid Baby, Dreamcatcher, and Ole Blue Eyes. 7 pm, $7 @ Club K 

Worlds in Collusion with many performances @ UB Student Center

Great Black Waters, Julie & Johnny, The Lavender Tone, and Robby Neubauer. 8 pm @ Gallery 788

Open Space presents the Alternative Art Fair. 12 pm @ 1714 N. Charles Street


Lamenth, Dumb Waiter, and Nightidea. 7 pm, $7 @ Club K 

Great Apes, Ma Jolie, Watermedown, Schroeder & the Brillo-Pad, and Braceface @ Charm City Art Space

Worlds in Collusion with many performances @ UB Student Center

Open Space presents the Alternative Art Fair. 12 pm @ 1714 N. Charles Street

Sick Din, Isa Leal, Iron Rainbow Dance Theatre Presents More Like a Monk withDJ vu. 8pm @ EMP Collective

July 7-13


Sftstps, Adventure, and Extant. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (Red)

Teen Suicide, Attic Basement, Us and Us Only, and Hello Shark. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K 


Iska Dhaff, Sr. And Slow Lights. 8 pm @ The Metro Gallery

Karaoke Forever. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Red)

B.Y.O.Vinyl night. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

Baltimore Improv Group with Thigh Meat, Minority Report and Lekker. 7 pm, donations @ The Windup Space 

Lost Years, Something More, Take Care, and Watermedown. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Jacques Le Coque, Canker Blossom, American Riot, and Vomit Face. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Dreamcatcher, Titanics, and Captive Son. 9 pm @ Church and Company

Vague Output with Liz Meredith, Sunatirene, Bastet. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (Red)

DJ Angel Baby. 6 pm, $10 @ The Crown (Blue)

DJ JT Booty. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

Hudson K, Black Sage and Drone Theory. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Potential Crush, Matthew Starke, and Choc Mool. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown(Red)

Local Quarterly release party. 7 pm, free @ Atomic Books 

Ash Border, Hell, Ilsa, and Barbalith. 8 pm, $12 @ Metro Gallery

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean­-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of The Marquis de Sade. 8 pm @ The Station North Chicken Box

Noun (PA), Modern Hut, Sal Bando, and Blackwolf Beach. 9:30 pm, ye$ @ Ottobar (Upstairs)

Batworth Stone, Rosemary Stretch, and Roadside Graves. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K


Myconids, C10, Ellen Degenerate & Whitney Biennial, Break Dancing Ronald Reagan + Scant, and Extended Release. 9 pm @ Myspace

Wume, Onstartssbandht, Oh Hang, Cloud Becomes Yr Hand, Infinity Boys, and Ryan Power. 9 pm, $7 @ The Crown (Red + Blue)

Dave Heumann mit Freunden, Ma Turner, Nathan Bowles, and Blue Heaven. 8 pm, $7 @ Gallery 788

Cage, Sadistik, Maulskull, Cubbiebear, and PT Burnum. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Opening reception for Base Period featuring Alan Resnick and Lesser Gonzalez. 7 pm, free @ Springsteen (1511 Guilford Ave, Unit B303)

Galaga with Michael Kimball. 7 pm, free @ Atomic Books

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean­-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of The Marquis de Sade. 8 pm @ The Station North Chicken Box

Save Face, North Runner, Enemy At The Gate, and The Oddities. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Neon Hole, Choose your Poison, and Moloso. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K


Chester Endersby Gwazda, Spazzkid (CA), and DJ Lexx. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (Red)

DJ Greg Ward. 10 pm @ The Crown (Blue)

Splatterpunk Vol 2 with Drums Like Machine Guns, Scant, Radiator Greys, Chaos Destroy, Floral Print, Tendrills, Floral Print, CP/M, Extended Release, Fainting Spellss, and Trishy D. 8 pm, $5 21+, $7 under @ Windup Space

Opening reception for Mud Pies and Fireflies with a performance by Miss Sara. 7pm, free @ The Carroll Mansion (800 E Lombard St)

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean­-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of The Marquis de Sade. 8 pm @ The Station North Chicken Box

Alraune, Pissgrave, Nudes, and Putrid Servant. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Tideland, Warm and Comfy, Deep Sleep Fires, Mind Glow and Mostly Only. 8pm, $8 @ Club K


Infinite Pizza, Phantom Lanterns, and Perennial Reel. 7 pm, $7@ The Windup Space

Bennys Video presents “Drowning By Numbers”. 8pm, free @ The Crown

Mutilation Rites (NY), Triac, Lynchgate, Hexer, and Dweller in the Valley. 8 pm, $8 @ The Metro Gallery

Bit Gen Gamer Fest. 3 pm, $20 presale, $25 DOS @ Ram’s Head Live

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean­-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of The Marquis de Sade. 8 pm @ The Station North Chicken Box

Arrabers, the Agrarians, and Kravtovsky. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

June 30-July 6


Faun and a Pan Flute, MurderBoats, and Magicicada. 9:30 pm @ Tush Towne 

The Live Cultures, Amanda Glasser, 20ooo, and Jake Lazovick & Sunatirene. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Dead Mechanical, Pale Angels (UK), Over Our Eyes, and Telegraph Wires. 7pm, $7 @ Metro Gallery

Chaos Destroy, Coltranes, Rosemary Crust, and High Water. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K

Kunst und Wahnsinn: Industrial Industry Night. 8 pm, free @ The Windup Space

Chiffon, Butch Dawson, Sentinl, and Abdu Ali. 10 pm, $5 @ The Crown 

The Lost Boys, Real Talk, Something More, and Schroeder & The Brillo-Pad @ Charm City Art Space


Karaoke Forever. 9 pm, free @ The Crown

BYOB Baltimore. 8 pm @ Club K 


"People Wanna See Us": Party Jams with DJs: Drew Hill, Greg Ward and McBeth. 9 pm, free @ The Crown

Club K Benefit Show: Queenwolf, Time Hitler and Assholes from Space, Hive Bent, and Boat Water. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Planning for Burial (NJ), Blacksage, Gholas, and Birth (Defects). 10 pm, $6 @ Golden West


Screening of “Silent Groove” by Effervescent Collective. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

Bosley Live with DJ Alex Deranian. 9 pm, $8 @ The Crown (Red)

Cave of Swimmers, Myopic, Ratboiler, and Treble Lifter. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K 

Independance Eve Dance Party with Stereo Faith, Simon Phoenix, and Craig Boarman. 9 pm, free 21+, $5 for 18-20 @ The Ottobar

Save Your Soul with Rob Fearless and King Gilbert. 9 pm, $5 for members and guests, $5 membership @ Lithuanian Hall

The Foxery, Stars and the Sea, and  Old Victrola @ Charm City Art Space


DJ Blaqstarr presents #freQyFriday: Freedom Edition w/ DDM & DJ Ms. Huxtable. 10 pm, $5 before midnight, $7 after @ The Crown

Ami Dang, Farewell My Concubine, MSHR (OR), Dream Baby Dream, with DJs Schwarz and Gurl Crush. food at 5 pm, show at 9 pm @ The Bank 

Thou, Wet Brain and Curse. 12 pm @ The Sidebar


Dirty Soul Dance Party with DJs Fleg and Expandis. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (Red)

The Sea Life, Raindeer, Foozle, and Amanda Glasser. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (Blue)

Tendrills, Paper Haus, Romantic States, and Chester Gwazda. 9 pm, $8 @ Club K

Rainbow in the Dark. 9 pm @ Copycat b401

Supermoon (DE), 20ooo, Dream Boyz, and N’y qu’il. 8pm @ Beatnik


Benny’s Video presents Stroszek. 8 pm, free @ The Crown 

The Pep Program, Slap, Ryan, and Slye Dog. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Crying, Told Slant, Dungeon Kids, Infinity Crush, and Ricky Eat Acid. 7 pm @ Metro Gallery

Hollywood Blanks, Et Al, and Feral Sway. 8:30 pm @ The Windup Space  

June 23-29


INCA, BAAM, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, Two Inch Astronaut. 9pm, $6 @ The Crown

Stagnant Pools, Surf Harp, and Sean Wilson. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

Klaus Dukes, Benji, Cara White, Jeff Brunell, The Cleanup, and Kitsune Rad. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Metal Monday with The Pilgrim and Old Lines. 9 pm, free @ The Ottobar (upstairs)


Mario de Vega + Bonnie Jones with Hurricane (Harper, Mostofsky, Roche). $6 @ The Red Room 

Pilgrim, Age of Taurus, Iron Man, Witch Hazel. 8 pm, $12 @ Metro Gallery

Karaoke Forever. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (red)

DJ John Jones. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)


Lovely Little Girls, Sofia Reta, DJ Scwarz, Feral Sway, and Nicky Smith. 9 pm, $7 @ The Crown (red)

Cold Wave night with DJ Lucas King. 9 pm , free @ The Crown (blue)

Onward Progress, Old Victrola, They Move on Threads, and Telegraph Wires. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Sun Club, Raindeer, and Heavy Friends. 9:30 pm, free @ Windup Space

Lizz King, Nick Hope, Blood Mops, and N’y Qu’il. 11pm, free @ Holy Frijoles

Ben Bennett, Jamie Branch, Paul Niedhardt, and Jeff Carey @ The Red Room


Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (record release), Rat Fist, HD Sunrise, and Chac Mool. 9 pm, $7 @ Floristree

Dope Body, Guerilla Toss, Horse Lords, and DJ Mark Brown. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

DJ Tommy Rouse, DJ Asa, DJ McBeth. 10 pm, free @ The Crown

Ken Rock South, Dream Boyz, New Age Hillbilly, An Atomic Whirl, The Roots and the Baslisk. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K

Sneaks, Black Sage, and Nick Hope. 9 pm, $5 @ Windup Space

Jack Wright, Andrew Drury and Patrick Crossland, and Will Redman @ The Red Room


Snowcone, Knight’s Templar (NJ), GOVT (NJ), Sprash, and Spreaders. 8 pm @ House Keith

Backslider (PA), Ilsa, Triac, Bestial Evil, and Red Death (DC). 8 pm, $7 @ Dishaus

Joy Classic, Dead Monks, Lilac Daze, and Infinite Honey. 9 pm, $5 @ Windup Space

PitchBlak Brass Band, DJ James Nasty, and Al Rogers Jr. 8pm, $7 @ The Crown

Nouveux-expo, Gamble Cosmos, Mild Child, and Robert Mitchel. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Merchandise, Nat Baldwin, and Ukiah Drag. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

The Business, The Attack, Cop Stabber, and the Creep. 8 pm @ The Sidebar

Save Your Soul with daddy Longlegs and The Stents. 10:30 pm, $7 @ Golden West

Opening reception for We’re All Strangers Here feauturing six artists. 7 pm @ EMP Collective

Turnstile, Angel Du$t, Criminal Instinct, Hard Stripes, Warxgames, and  Red Death. 7 pm @ Charm City Art Space

Keir Neuringer and Patrick Cain @ The Red Room


"And Some of His Sons were Horses" Fest. 5 pm @ Tribel Haus

Opening reception for Impossible Eye: New Work by Miranda Pfieffer and Ginevra Shay. 7 pm @ Rock512Devil

After-Party for ‘Impossible Eye: New Work by Miranda Pfieffer and Ginevra Shay’ @ The Crown (red)

Dance Party with DJ BWO. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

Vinny Vegas (record release), Dreamcatcher, Mals Totem, and Stillglow. 8 pm, $8  @ Metro Gallery

Opening reception for The Big Show, Big Dance Party! w/ DJ Exclaime and DJ eDDible.  Reception 6pm, dance party 8pm. $5, free for members @ Creative Alliance


ONO, Impatience Machine, and Functionary. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Fister, Terrorist, Fortress, and Musket Hawk. 8 pm, $8 @ Club K