September 15-21


Vealkunt, Fifth Wheel, Nico Cellz, Precious, and Infinite Pizza. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K

Zodiac Karaoke Party. 9pm @ The Zodiac

Crowbar, Revocation, Havok, Fit for an Autopsy, Armed for Apocolypse, and Passage Between. 6 pm @ The Ottobar


Outer Visions: High Zero Festival’s Night of Immersive Sound and Light with Peter Burr, Mark Brown and Benny Boeldt, Kristen Anchor, Tom Borax, and Lexie Mountain. 7:30 pm, $5 @ The Penthouse

The Stevens (Australia), Infinite Honey, Smoke Bellow (DJ set), and Inner Light. 9 pm. $6 @ The Crown 

Biters, Shark Week, Cowabunga Pizza Time, The Set-Up and DJ Jerrod Bronson. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Lechuguillas, Phantom Lanterns, and Happy to be Here. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Drunk Dad, Honduran, and Neck First. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Square/Wave. 9 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Diamond Youth, Prawn and Field Mouse. 6:30 pm @ Metro Gallery

Patrick Mcminn, Dream Boyz, Alex Strama, Liz Meredith, and DJ James Nasty. 8 pm, free @ Club K 


Infinity Boys, Greg Ward, and DJ Mark Brown, with comedy by Pearl Rose Hood. 9pm, $5 @ The Zodiac

DJ Izaak and Mariah (PA) @ The Crown (Red)

Lexington Arrows, Gooch Palms (Australia), and Feral Sway. 9 pm, $7 @ The Windup Space

Challenger (WI), Neurotic November (FL), Alive/Alone (IL), Cathedrals, and On Stand By. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Turnover, Light Years, Malfunction, The Great Heights Band, and My Heart, My Anchor. 7 pm @ Metro Gallery

Semi Femme, Dungeon Kids, Silence Kid, and Boy Spit. 8 pm, $5 @ Holy Underground

16th Annual High Zero Festival: Opening Night. 7:30 pm, $15, $10 students, seniors, and artists @ Baltimore Theatre Project


The Sneaks, Goste, Blacksage, and Starlight Natives. 9 pm, $7 @ The Windup Space

Serial Attraction, Uh Huh Baby Yah, Kill Matilda, and Hunter Crain. 8 pm, $10 @ Club K 

DJ James Ford @ The Crown (Red)

16th Annual High Zero Festival. 7:30 pm, $15, $10 students, seniors, and artists @ Baltimore Theatre Project

Endorphin: a night of interactive art and technology with Music Bliss, Hallowed Bells (PA), and DJ G. 8 pm, $10 @ Gallery 788


Rye Rye, Labtekwon, and Chester Endersby Gwazda. 4 pm, free @ Druid Hill Park

Hampdenfest featuring many bands. 11 am @ The Avenue in Hampden

Mighty Mark & TT the Artist, Tripletrain (NY) Hi$to, Matic808 and DDM. 9 pm, $8 @ The Metro Gallery

Fall Woodlum featuring Deaf Scene, Sun Club, Square Peg Round Hole, Us and Us Only, Kitsune Rad, Thom Beall, Surf Harp, Count Scottula and Alexander’s Dark Rainbow @ Woodlum

Dirty Soul Dance Party with DJ Landis Expandis @ The Crown (Red)

Power Records 1979 Billboard Hot 100 covers album. 8 pm, free @ The Crown (blue)

Treeforts, They Move on Threads, and Mattress Financial. 8 pm, $6 @ Club K 

The Great Heights Band, Mark Mikina, and Sean Wilson and The Beltway Band. 6 pm, $5-$8 @ Gallery 788

Baltimore Square Dance. 7:30 pm, $10, $7 with student ID @ the Mobtown Ballroom

Opening reception for Read the Recap, Skip the Show. 7 pm @ Guest Spot

16th Annual High Zero Festival: Saturday Matinee. 12 pm, $15, $10 students, seniors, and artists @ Baltimore Theatre Project

16th Annual High Zero Festival: Saturday Night. 7:30 pm, $15, $10 students, seniors, and artists @ Baltimore Theatre Project


2014 Transmodern Festival (many events). 3 pm @ Current Gallery and EMP Collective 

Yes-No-Goodbye with Christine Ferrera, Eric Paul, Robby Rackleff, R.M. O’Brien, Zachary Lipez, and Planchette. 8 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Coliseum, War on Women, and Dead Mechanical. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

Enemy at the Gate, Wasted Year, and Interstate Rivals. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

16th Annual High Zero Festival: Closing Night. 7:30 pm, $15, $10 students, seniors, and artists @ Baltimore Theatre Project

Sunitarene + Si Fields, Chicklette, Father Finger, Tracey Trance, J.R.H.N.B.R., and Pinky Rose. 9 pm, $5 @ Floristree

September 8-14


Naomi Punk, Roomrunner, Multicult, and Hive Bent. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (Red)

Nick Turner’s Hawkwind, Witch Mountain, Hedersleben, Horse Lords and DJ El Suprimo. 7 pm, $15 @ Metro Gallery 


Dead Rider, Pontiak, and Holy Fingers @ The Ottobar

Megaton Leviathan, Vaital Deul, Lightfoils, Darsombra, and CP/M. 8 p, $8 @ The Crown (Red)

Papercuts, Michal Nau, and Sweepstakes. 8 pm, $10- $12 @ Metro Gallery

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, Edan & Paten Locke and James Nasty @ Baltimore Soundstage

The Lavender Tone, DVA (Czech Republic), and Joseph and the Beasts. 8 pm, $5 before 9 pm, $7 after @ Windup Space

AF the Naysayer, Slomile Swift, Prism House, Permanent, and Christian Michael Filardo. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Anna & Elizabeth, Crankies, and Joey Abarta. 8 pm, $5-$10 donation @ Holy Underground

2 for 1 Wednesdays with Vague Output. Blue: Fielded, Gurl Crush, Mark Brown, Young Coconut. Red: Rosemary Arp, Boss Ross, Cycle 33, S.K. Ultra.  9 pm, $5 for both rooms @ The Crown


Trish Keenan Duo (PA), 20ooo, Floral Print, and Tendrills. 9 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Cibo Mato and Bliss. 7 pm @ The Ottobar

Sight Unseen presents Early Experiments. German Impressionism: A Revolutionary Spirit. 7 pm, free @ MICA Brown Center


Strange Times People Band, Alan Resnick, Creep Highway, and Alex Body. 9 pm, $5 @ Floristree

Make Frank Fly: a benefit show. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Chalres Burnes signing and SPXplosion party. 5 pm, free @ Atomic Books

The Oranges Band, Palomar, and Spirit Plots. 8 pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery 

Interstellar Upstarts, Servant Girl, Rooney’s Shoe, Colora. 8 pm. $7 @ Club K


New Neighbors, Extant, Bowlegged Gorilla, Cutmayor Hy, DJ Stas, and Life on Planets. 9 pm, free @ The Crown

Baltimore Soul Revue with the Softones, Winfield Parker and Sheila Ross of the Royalettes, all backed by the Bellevederes @ WTMD

Rough Trade’s Gaping Opening: Hex Work with C10, Ellen Degenerate and Jana Hunter. 9 pm @ The Sidebar

White Denim and Clear Plastic Masks. 8 pm @ The Ottobar

Black Cobra, Lo-Pan, Foghound, Davidians, and Cavern. 8 pm, $10-$12 @ Metro Gallery

This is Baltimore with Monster Museum, The Stents and F. 9 pm @ Windup Space

Unity Vibrations. 8 pm @ The Bambou

Record release show with Jonathan Badger, the Cellar and Point, and Anthony Pirog. 8pm at Orion Sound (2903 Whittington Ave., Suite C)

SiteLines Tour: Reservoir Chill. 1 pm @ 701 Druid Park Lake Drive, next to the intersection of Park Ave and Druid Park Lake Drive

Boone Street Farm Benefit with Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Uptown Doc, Butte La Rose, DJ Mark Brown and Michael Collons. 7 pm, $7 online, $9 at door @ The Compound

Rape-X, PRV, FFH, Sean Seaton. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Whirr, Cloakroom, Mind/Glow and Naked. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Raw McCartney and more TBA @ The Crown

Nekrofilth, Cemetery Piss, Jenkem, and DJ Diamond Dustin. 8 pm, $10 @ The Ottobar

The Morbos, Reagan Cats and more. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Paperhaus, Other Colors, Us & Us Only, and Pony Bones. 8:30 pm @ Holy Underground

September 1-7


Quitter, Mind/Glow, Curse, RadRadRiot (AR), and We Must Dismantle All This. 6 pm @ Barclay House

Suicide Magnets, Andrew Bernstein, Pony Moon, Dickless in Gaza and reading by Brian Nicholson. 9 pm, $5 @ Holy Underground

Eskimeaux (NY), Bellows (NY), Soft Cat, Flashlight o, Bliss. 8pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Blinding Eye Dog, Ese and Cara White. 9 pm, $5 @ Club K



Spice Up Your Life: “Spice World” screening, costume contest and Spice Girls karaoke and remixes. 8 pm, free @ The Crown

Arab Spring, Charles River, Baggypantsrich, and Cold Clod. 9 pm @ Club K


Joshua Burnside and Marian McLaughlin. 8 pm @ Holy Underground

Truth Serum, Styrofoam Sanchez, Pony Moon, Newagehillbilly, and DJ C10. 9pm, $6-$10 @ The Crown (Red)

Hey You, Come Back!: September Reading. 7 pm @ The Crown (Blue)

Windhand, All Them Witches, The Pilgrim, Black Lung and Barbelith. 7 pm @ The Ottobar

Vaniish (CA), Extended Release, Drone Theory, and DJ Matty Pants. 9:30 pm, ye$ @ The Ottobar (Upstairs) 

Clipping, Piss Anywhere, Clear Channel, and DJ Gh∞st. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Adarma, Inca, and Kardell Brothers. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K


Height with Friends, DDM, Mickey Free, and Secret Weapon Dave. 8 pm, $8 @ Metro Gallery

Ricky Eat Acid, Ava Luna, Mathew Starke, and Amy Reid. 9pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Universal Infection (release) with Rukut, Universal Remonster, Ampallang Infection, Ralph, and Uncle Buck. 8 pm @ Club K

Save Your Soul with Todd-o-phonic Todd. 9 pm, $5 for members, $5 for membership @ Lithuanian Hall

The Flying Eyes, Lazlo Lee & The Motherless Children, and DJ Dad Weed. 10 pm, ye$ @ Golden West

Opening reception for Hit the Road, works by Nicholas Buffon. 7 pm @ Freddy

Opening reception for Threshold, featuring Heather Boaz, Jill Fannon, and Milana Braslavsky. 6 pm @ School 33

Opening reception for Nirvana Bleach, works by D’metrius John Rice. 7:30 pm @ Terrault Contemporary


Literature, Expert Alterations, Sea Lions, and Post Pink. 8 pm, ye$ @ Holy Underground

Outer Spaces, Secret Tombs (PA), and Heavy Friends. 9 pm, $5 @ Chester’s Place (Annex 3E)

Emily Rabbit B-day Bash with Rod Lee, Spank Rock, Normaling and Sylo. 9 pm, $8 adv, $10 dos after 10 pm @ Metro Gallery

Kahlon with Dan Deacon, Chiffon, Abdu Ali, Vjuan Allure, Matic808, C10, Kilbourne, and special guest. 9 pm, $8 @ The Crown

Sweaters, Sudonistas, Face Value, Scott Lester, and What Army. 8 pm @ Club K 

SiteLines Tour: Crossing the Highway to Nowhere. 1 pm @  398 N Greene Street, in the former Social Security Administration Offices plaza.


Pure Junk, Two Inch Astronaut, Natural Velvet (release show), and Space Trash. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Hollywood Blanks, Bobby E. Lee & the Sympathizers, Bent Knee (MA), and Accidental Seabirds (NJ). 8 pm, $7 @ The Windup Space

Landlady, Saint Rich, and Goblin Mold. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

War on Women, Et al., PAWS (Scotland), Flashlights (FL). 7:30 pm @ Ottobar

Jorge Oria Trio, Steel Samarui, 3rd Grade Friends, and Joy on Fire. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

August 25-31


Yairms (NC), AlhhlA (NC) and Infinite Honey @ Holy Frijoles 

Emulsified with Rob Macy. 9 pm, free @ Joe2



LA Font (LA), Silence Kid, Pompeii Graffitti Acoustic. 10 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles

North by North, Wyoming Exploded, Pour the Pirate Sherry, and Dataloaf. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K 


Grass Grinder and Shenandoah Alley @ 1919 (1919 E. Fleet St.)

Darsombra, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, and ryanSmithTHOTH. 9 pm @ Sidebar

Kevin Morby, Steve Gunn, Little Rib and Vayda. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Ottobar (Upstairs)

Opening reception for The Gallery Takeover - Monthly Showcase (Dragnet). 8 pm @ Gallery 788 

Everything Will Be Okay (A stand-up comedy show). 8 pm, $3 @ The Crown (blue) 

I’ve Got Your Number: Bingo Night presented by Nolen Strals, Rowen Frazer, and Samantha Dolores with DJ King Gilbert. 10:30 pm @ Golden West

Smoke Bellow, Other Colors, and Devotional. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Life on the Sideline, Blue Food, Harmonic Blue, Brooks Long and Cosmic Lust. 7:30 pm, $8 @ Club K


DJ iMac (John Bowman), DJ Chris Balint, and DJ Hummingbird Feeder (James Ford). 9:45, $5 donation @ Holy Underground

Trunkweed, Wishlist, Sea Life, and Squibs with installation/video pieces by Tom Faison, Rayne O’May, Tara Patronik, and Miles Engel-Hawbecker. 8 pm, $5 suggested donation @ Believesham

Night of Satie with performance by Josh Nukem and featuring work by Daniel Guinness, Curtis Stith, Colin Foster, Lucas Haroldson and Fiona Sergeant. 7 pm @ Lil’ Gallery

Crocodiles, Sisu, Black Sage and Natural Velvet. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

The Set Up, Wage Slave Underground and the Idle Gossip. 8 pm, $5 @ The Sidebar

Anything Goes Art Show and Five Foot Assassins Closing Reception with Bad Moon (WV). 7 pm @ Gallery 788

Total Hipster Crusher, Hyperemesis, Bludgeoned, Castration Rites, and Clay Davis. $7 @ Club K

Opening reception for Plate Vol. 1 feat 7 artists. 7 pm @ 219 E. Preston Street 

Alloverstreet: E Oliver Art Walk @ many locations


Vague Output 1 Year Anniversary Party with Max Eilbacher, C10, Transgender VHS, Pulsewidthmod, BWO, DJ Paypal, DJ Earl, A’phreaq, Latex Bodice, and DJ Mark Brown. 10 pm, $5 before 11 pm, $10 after @ The Crown

Radical Discharge, Black Wine, Blackwolf Beach and Ratboiler. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery

Stephen Lee and Robert “Fireball” Mitchell @ Dangerously Delicious Pies (2839 O’Donnell St.)

Monomyth, Dream Boyz, Nap Lives, Expanding Man and Drone Theory. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Opening reception for Love Tap and Bozo Needs a Tissue. 7 pm @ Current Space


Stephen Lee, Hyster Majesty, 20ooo, Matt Monta (OH). 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Time Ghost, Reverse Baptism, and Power Masters. $5 @ MySpace 

August 18-24


Adventure, Golden Donna, Sweet William, Stacian, Magic Key and M.C. Dazzlestorm. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown 

Earring (IL), Rosemary Krust, Katrina Stonehart (IL), and Plake 64 and the Hexagrams. 8 pm, $5 @ Club K

George Cessna, Scout Paré-Phillips, and Blood & Sun. 9:30 pm, free @ Holy Frijoles

Crunk Witch and Starlight Natives. 9 pm, free @ Joe Squared


Nephila, Jerome, Phemale, Gene Pick/Vasculae, and Gxnt Valentine. 9 pm @ Tribel Haus

Crimson Wave, Hollow Boys, Baklavaa, and Big Mouth. 8 pm, ye$ @ The Crown (Red)

Jonathon Badger, Clear Channel, Newagehillbilly, and Teach Me EqualsTeach Me Equals (PA). 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Doyle, Ashylus, Ravengers, Flag of the White Rose, and Enemy Insects. 7 pm @ Metro Gallery


Assategue (CA), Viking Moses, Boats and Opal Wood @ Bleachhouse (2714 Maryland Ave)

Squarewave Vol. VI. 10 pm, free @ The Crown (Blue)

The Sneaks (DJ set) @ The Crown (Red)

vo vs sw DJ night. 9 pm, free @ Club K

Demo Studio: Teaching as a Design Process. 5 pm @ D Center Baltimore


Club Mnemonic with Gula Gila, Melkbelly, Tha Wild Card Line, Google Talk and Gxnt DJ. 9 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Baltimore Baseball, Barbecue and Boog. 7 pm, free @ Atomic Books

Jeff Brunell, Music Bones, Precious Solo, and Cara White. 8 pm, free @ Club K

The Lavender Tone, Feral Sway, The Cleaners Association, and Flashlight O. 8:30 pm, free @ The Windup Space


Fields Festival featuring 60+ bands, performance art, dance, plays, comedy, sound and visual installations + more. 3 pm, $65 adv, $85 dos @ Camp Ramblewood

Glitter Thighs presents Hot Mesh @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

The Sit and Watch Talk-Barn @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

Wet Brain, No One and the Somebodies, Turbosleaze and Infinite Pizza. 8 pm, $6 @ The Crown

Western Star, Thomas Macdonald, Telegraph Wires and Old Blue Eyes. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Bang, Satan’s Satrys, The Pilgrim and DJ El Suprimo. 9 pm @ Metro Gallery


Fields Festival featuring 60+ bands, performance art, dance, plays, comedy, sound and visual installations + more. 11 am, $65 adv, $85 dos @ Camp Ramblewood

The Sit and Watch Talk-Barn @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

Jelly with Sugar Shane, Jon Kwest, James Nasty and Hoss. 9 pm, $5 before 11:30, $9 after @ The Crown

Shiloh, Hybrid Baby, Root and the Basilik, Grayling Sky, and Easy Number. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K 

The Clean, Small Apartments and Expert Alterations. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery (SOLD OUT)

Nick Flora and Chris & Jenna. $8 @ Gallery 788

Baltimore Time Travel 2. 7 pm, free @ Atomic Books


Fields Festival featuring 60+ bands, performance art, dance, plays, comedy, sound and visual installations + more. 12 pm, $65 adv, $85 dos @ Camp Ramblewood

The Sit and Watch Talk-Barn @ Fields Festival (Camp Ramblewood)

Benny’s Video. 8 pm, free @ The Crown

Iji, Chester Endersby Gwazda, Marvalous Good Fortune and Butch Dawson. 8 pm @ The Bahamas (Copycat B403)