March 17-23


Michael Miller, Head North My Heart, and My Anchor Something More. 6pm @ Charm City Art Space


Arborea, Marian McLaughlin and Early Universe. 8pm @ the Fifth Dimension 

The Body, Oak, Sexgender, and Barbelith. 8:30pm @ The Gold Bar

Karaoke Forever. 9 pm, free @ The Crown


Dope Body, Roomrunner, and Greys. 8pm @ The Crown

Nothing, Holy Tongues, and Crimson Wave. 8pm @ The Gold Bar

Flower Girl, Doozie, Paul Newman the Ride Home, Sister City and Sharkmuffin. 8pm, $7 @ Club K


Everything Will Be Okay. 8pm @ The Crown

The Book of Morrin and Instant Messenger. 10pm, free @ The Crown

Obliteration, Northless, Isla, Cemetery Piss, and Putrisect. 8pm, $12 adv, $14 dos @ Metro Gallery

Absolutely and Eyelet. 7pm @ Charm City Art Space

Left and Right, One Watt Sun, Arab Spring, and cp/m. 8pm, $6 @ Club K


Nemeton / Tendrills Split Tape Release Show with Cloud Destroyer, Extant 8pm, free @ Holy Underground

Is it Spring Yeti featuring Raindeer, Attic Ted, Kevin Sherry, The Boo-Boos and more. 8pm, $8 @ The Crown

Burnt Ones, Blackwolf Beach, Raw McCartney, and Golden Gurls. 9pm @ The Gold Bar

CCAS benefit show with Koji, Have Mercy, Centerfield, Class Picture, and Watermedown. 7pm @ Charm City Art Space


Other Colors, Small Sur, and Ghost Life. 9pm @ Church & Company (37th and Falls Rd.)

Solids, The Matrimonials, Pachagatcha, and Small Apartments. 8pm, $7 @ The Gold Bar

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Ava Luna (NY) and Krill (MA). 9pm @ The Crown

San Fermin and Joy Classic. 8pm, $13 @ Metro Gallery

Sissy Midnight, Ev in Hell, Piglet Angelino, Silent Girlfriend, and GXNT Valentine. 9pm @ Tribel Haus

The Mongoloids, Pushing On, Agitator, Reality Check, Pure Disgust, and It. 6pm @ Charm City Art Space

Punk Rock Flea Market.  3pm @ Club K

Secret Plot, Tigerscout, Osprey, and My First Castle. 8pm, $8 @ Club K


Noise Waffle Sunday #7 w/Max Eilbacher & Romantic States. 11am, ye$ @ The Bahamas

Type and Twang w/ Adam Trice of Red Sammy, Stone Hill All-stars, Betsy Boyd, Jen Michalski, and more. 2pm @ Creative Alliance

Sinclair, Drgn King, and Mostly Only. 7pm, ye$ @ The Gold Bar

Grass is Green, Et. Al, Hive Bent, and Two Inch Astronaut @ the Holy Underground

Mersault and What Moon Things. 9pm @ The Crown

Matt Hectorne, Shane Burke and D.T. Huber. 7pm, $5 @ Gallery 788

Slothrust, That Kids, Grower, Feral Sway, and Heads are Zeros. 8pm, $6 @ Club K

March 10-14


Cuddle Magic and Rachel Ries. 7pm @ The Northeast

Katherine (OH), Et Al and Silence Kid. Free @ Holy Frijoles

Bennys Video presents The Cook, The Thief, His Wive and Her Lover. 8pm, free @ The Crown


Free Cake For Every Creature (NY), Sunatirene, Go Cozy, Brother Simon. 7pm. ye$ @ The Bahamas

Karaoke Forever. 9 pm, free @ The Crown

Vincent Price Cinema Night. 8pm, free @ Club K

Worms reading series with Steven Karl, Jen Michalski, Christopher Salerno, and Kate Wyer. 8pm, free @ Metro Gallery


Vague Output with Brndr, Decapitated Hed, Zipperface, and World-Brain. 9pm, free @ The Crown

DJ Cullen Stalin. 9pm @ The Gold Bar

Ten art opening. 7pm @ Windup Space

Unstitched, Anagnoris, Citadel, and Endless Bummer. 9pm, $8 @ The Sidebar

The Clash DJ night. 8pm, free @ Club K

Wham City Lecture Series presents Andy Phillips and Robby Rackleff. 7pm, $3 @ Yellow Sign Theater 


Ryan Power, Nerf Toss, and more @ The Crown

Infinite Honey, Estrangers, and Joy Classic. 9pm, $6 @ The Gold Bar

Reese Van Riper, Stars and the Sea, Buffalo, At the Graves. 8pm, $7 @ Club K


Why The Beef Zine Release Party with Gabbi Grill, Foozle, and Adam Lempel and the Heartbeats. 9pm, $5 @ The Crown

Effervescent Collective presents Butterknife. 8pm @ Single Carrot Theater 

Tia Nina. 9:30pm @ Single Carrot Theater 

The Keys, Modern Girls, and Vacant Windows. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Foozle, Row, and Goblin Mold. 7pm, free @ ABOX 120 McMechen Street

Gründlehämmer. 8pm, $20 @ 2640 Space

Beasts of No Nation, Widows Watch, Alleyways, and Nude Massacre. 8pm, $6 @ The Gold Bar


Dirty Soul Dance Party with Landis Expandis. 9pm @ The Crown

Witch Hazel, Clay Davis, Corpse Light, Katahajime,  and Castration Rites. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Vulgar (VA), Abdu Ali, Big Christ, Quitter. 8pm, $6 @ Gold Bar

Gründlehämmer. 8pm, $20 @ 2640 Space


Bar Scenes presents Altman double feature with Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean and Images. 8pm, free @ The Crown

Max Zero, In the Red, Pushing Giants and Dataloaf. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Gründlehämmer. 8pm, $20 @ 2640 Space

Marissa Nadler, Terence, and Sterling Sisters. 8pm, $8 adv, $10 dos @ The Metro Gallery

March 3-9


Maryland Film Fest presents It Felt Like Love with director Eliza Hittman. 7:30 pm @ MICA Brown Center CANCELED DUE TO SNOW

Snoozer, Heavy Friends, and Spencer. 8 pm, $6 @ The Gold Bar


And Martin (formerly BARR), Co La, Odwalla88, Gurl Crush, and DJ J. Smith 10 pm, $5 @ Floristree

Red Sammy, Asbestos, Malcom Tent, and Theron Melchior. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Karaoke Forever. 9 pm, free @ The Crown


Expert Alterations, Juan Wauters (NY), Sean Nicholas Savage (Montreal), Romantic States. 9 pm, $7 @ The Crown

Doomsquad, Televibes, Creepy Murdle, and Heavenly Nobodies. 8 pm, $7 @ Club K

Atlantic Thrills, Sal Bando, Sun Club, and The Set Up. 8 pm. @ The Gold Bar

Ravages, Dirty Fences, Nancy, and Dirty Ol’ Laz and Big Boy. 9 pm, $8 @ Metro Gallery


Har Mar Super Star, Spankrock, The Sneaks, and Ponyo. 9:00 pm, $8 adv, $10 dos @ Metro Gallery

Hey You, Come Back!: A Reading Series with Seth Sawyers and Austin Allen. 7 pm, free @ The Crown

Opium Wampum with Amy Reid, Dan Conrad and Adam Lempel, Nicky Smith, Opal Wood, and Emilia Pennane. 9 pm, $5 @ The Crown

Gymshorts, Wet Brain, Slow Jerks and Vulture Shit. 9 pm, $6 @ The Gold Bar

Flocco Torres, Dupe, Adam Selene, and Submerged.  8pm, $7 @ Club K

Frank Hurricaine, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Guerilla Toss, Pony P. Bones, Bowlegged Gorilla, and DJ Brian Nicholson @ Tribel Haus


SPF: New work by Steven Riddle and Val Karuskevich.  Held in conjunction with ALLOVERSTREET 7 pm @ Springsteen (1511 Guilford Ave B303)

Black & White: An Exhibition of Printed Works. 8pm @ Penthouse Gallery & Annex 2e

Techno Bambi feat. Mark Wehberg and Nathan Miller @ Lil’ Gallery (1511 Guilford Ave. Apt C403)

Baltimore 1 @ Gallery CA (440 E Oliver St)

Print media works by Will Mcdermott, David Krasner, Matt Carignan and Angie Heaps @ Bodega Gallery (1511 Guilford Ave. Apt A100)

Oh Hang, Tether, Vlonde, and Gun Tit. 9 pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Nuggs, Smoke Bellow, AM Gems, Fenster, and DJ Stew. 9 pm, $5 @ The Fifth Dimension

Baltimore Popfest feat. Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Eternal Summers, Wildhoney, Literature, Sapphire Mansions, Art Department and Expert Alterations. 7 pm @ The Ottobar

Spirit Caravan, Pilgrim, Iron Man, Foghound and Northwoods. 8 pm, $15 @ Metro Gallery

Mardi Gras Save Your Soul with Drew Redmond. 9 pm, $5 for members and guests, $5 annual membership @ Lithuanian Hall

Ruby Buff, Plurals, Big Christ and Glue Boys. 9 pm, $7 @ The Gold Bar

Wanting/Waiting Linda Yun, Lease Agreement. 4 pm @ 3718 Ellerslie Ave. 

Bent Knee, Robotopotamus, USSA Pleasuredome, and Immortal Jellyfish. 8 pm, $6 @ Club K


Open Space Baltimore presents the Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair. 12 pm @ D Center

Sight Unseen presents Behind the Glass, Above the Keys. 9 pm @ The Red Room

Opening reception for Cookbook Dreams and Inflatable Futures. 7 pm @ Guest Spot at the Reinstitute 

Megan Plunkett. 7 pm @ sophiajacob

Diane Young, A Reading. 8 pm @ Rock512Devil

2 Freak 2 Flash. 9:30 pm @ Floristree

Opening reception for Find No Two Suns. 7 pm @ Current Space 

Where we are: Twofold Secret @ Current Space

Spiral Cinema presents a selection of screenings form the Undervolt catalog. 1:30 pm @ MICA Studio Center (Bank Building, 131 W. North Ave.)

Opening reception for Crisis Image Archives in Baltimore. 12 pm, reception at 3 pm @ Alternative Press Center Library (2239 Kirk Ave.)

Sweepstakes, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Wool, and Jonathan Badger. 6 pm, $6 @ Club K

Ringo Deathstarr, Purple, Crimson Wave, and Small Apartments. 8 pm, $8 @ Metro Gallery

D Charles Speer & the Helix, Television Hill, Little Rib. 10:30 pm @ Holy Frijoles 

DJ Mills. 9 pm, $3-$5 donation @ The Crown

Opening reception for Sunset, works by Libby Formant with live music by D.T. Huber. @ The Carroll Mansion (800 E. Lombard Street)


Open Space Baltimore presents the Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair. 12 pm @ D Center

Charles Swain live scores the films of Derek Jarman. 8 pm, $5 @ The Red Room

Vice, Life For A Life, Dead gods, and Queens Way. 7 pm, $5 @ The Gold Bar

Poetry readings in coordination with the Publications and Multiples Fair @ Wind Up Space

Speak Out: Slammaggedon hosted by Slangston Hughes. 6 pm, free @ Club K

Dan Ivan, Buck Gooter, and Yawn. 8 pm @ MySpace

February 24 - March 2


Benny’s Video presents The Trial and Enemy of The State. 8pm @ The Crown

Iron Chic, Dead Mechanical, and Sinclair. 8pm @ The Windup Space


Cheap Time (TN), Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children, Sal Bando and Firecracker. 8pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

Mac Mormick, Jeff Burnell, Miki Wakai, Uncle Anus, and 20,000. 8pm, free @ Club K

Karaoke Forever. 9pm, free @ The Crown


Murderboats (record release), Goblin Mold, I Have Been Floated, and Outer Spaces. 9pm, $5 @ The Crown

Cupcake Clan, Amos Piper, Nicky Smith, and Extant. 8pm, $6 @ Club K

Ice Baloons, Rob Bryn, Quitter, and Windhorse. 8pm @ Metro Gallery 

Gunky’s Basement presents Batman. 9pm, $5 @ MICA Brown Center


Shy Violet, Cretin Girls (FL), and Teen Liver (DC). 9pm, $6 @ The Crown

Pontiak, Dead Monks, Soft Peaks, and Et Al. 8pm @ The Ottobar

Shattered with DJ Dad Weed and King Gilbert. 10:30pm @ Rocket to Venus

Milk Boy and Will Schorre. 8:30pm  @ The Red Room


Cryptic Matter, Iritis, Mr Irrelevant, and Cole 8pm, $6 @ Club K

Opening reception for Philip Dusel’s “I Like You”. 7pm, free @ Gallery 788

Game Changer vol. 1 with DJs Co La, Ponyo, Justin Kelly, and Chase O’Hara @ The Crown

Death Fetish, Warm & Comfy, Jeff Carey, c10, and Natural Velvet @ Club Orpheus 

Labbodies performance art laboratory featuring Allana Clarke and Noelle Tolbert @ Copycat Bldg, B401

Titanics, Eureka Birds, Vayda, and The Sound of Rescue. 9pm @ Church & Company


Globalize the Club pt. 3 with DJ Lexx. 10pm, $3 @ The Crown

A history of photography, taught by Liz Donadio.1pm, $10 suggested donation @ Current Gallery

Leons benefit show for Ada with ten performers and DJ John Eaton. 10pm @ Triple LLL

Fuwa Hina Maid Cafe with Warm & Comfy and Orchester Praževica @ Club K

Leprechaun Catering, Hurricane, Mike Allender, and DJ M.C. Schmidt @ Myspace


The Deads, Mens Room, Naxalite. 8pm, $5 @ Barclay House

Dark Sister, TT the Artist, Flex 1000, Gurl Crush, and Baseball Cap. 9pm, $5 @ The Crown 

Bowles/Verrestro, Mark Fosson, Jamie Branch/Anthony Pirog, 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Teen Suicide, Sorority Noise, Special Explosion, and Us and Us Only. 7pm, $5 @ The Ottobar

Schwervon! (KS), The Degenerettes, Silence Kid, and Sweet Tits. 9pm @ The Windup Space

February 17- 23



Raindeer, Stephen Steinbrink, Soft Cat, and Goblin Mold. $5 before 9pm, $7 after @ The Gold Bar

Odd Tuesdays Cineclub presents Love and/or Death: Short Stories & Short Films. 7pm @ EMP Collective

The Sneaks (dj set) @ Ottobar

Troma movie night. 9pm, free @ Club K

Karaoke Forever. 9pm, free @ The Crown


Screening of Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? 7:30pm, $10, free to MICA students and faculty + MFF Friends of the Festival @ MICA Brown Center

The Sneaks (dj set), Dj SexWolf. 9pm @ The Crown

Ahabs Revenge, Ratboiler, Phantom Lanterns, Soul Truck, Skull Theft, and Pinata. 6:30pm, $6 @ Club K


Wet Brain, Black Lung, Dirty Ol’ Laz, and Big Boy. 8pm, $7 @ The Gold Bar

Tony Conrad & Carolyn Tennant discuss performance art & documentation. 1:30PM @ Gilman Hall 50, JHU

Shattered with DJ Dad Weed and King Gilbert. 10:30pm, free @ Rocket To Venus

Terrance Smalls presents Life and Times. 9pm, $8 @ Club K

Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Patrick Mcminn, Anthro Rex, Tendrills, and Extant @ The Crown

Greg Fox, Twig Harper & Carly Ptak, and Michael Scott-Nelson. 8:30pm @ The Red Room


Ghost Foot, Ecco, Curse and At the Graves. 9pm @ Gold Bar

Glitterthighs presents 2soon? 9pm @ Carlos O’Charlies

The Dawn Choir, Nate Van Allen, Minimus the Poet, and Ilyamy. 8pm, $7 @ Club K 

Dj Mills. 9pm, $3-$5 donation @ The Crown

Morgan Evans-Weiler, Duncan Moore, and Jesse Collins. 8:30pm, $6 @ The Red Room

Weekends, Sexgender, Wild Honey, Rukut, Big Mouth, Phantom Howl 8pm @Ἶσις,


DJ Dogdick, Odwalla 88, Emoil, Eric 500 and More TBA @ Tribel Haus

Insect Ark, Terence Hannum, Barbelith, and Sleep Disorder. 9pm, $8 @ The Sidebar

Sam Moyer and Eddie Martinez. 7pm @ sophiajacob

Suffocation, Strong Intention, Visceral Disgorge, Demiz, March to Victory, Metanium, and Limb By Limb. 7pm @ Metro Gallery

Creepoid, Crimson Wave, Dinged Up, and Amanda X. 8:30pm, $8 @ The Gold Bar

J.Poorgrass with art by Brady Starr. 7pm, free @ Alchemy of Art

Gallop with Yellow North, Marian Mclaughlin, Zimby vs. Hoss, Extant, Clique Clack, and  Freedom Writer. 9:30pm, $5 @ Midtown Loft

Modern Girls, Vacant Windows, and Starlight Natives. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Alex Gardel, Snack Master, Boss Ross, and A’phreaq. 9pm, $5 @ The Crown

Residents Open House with Horse Lords. Studios open at 7, music at 9. @ Creative Alliance

The Philosopher’s Union presents Graham Harman on H.P. Lovecraft. 8:30pm, free @ The Red Room


Form-A-Log, Unicorn Hard-on, Radiator Greys and Marcel D. Swamp (release). 9:30pm @ The Bank

Smoke Bellow, Each Other, Cigarette, and Other Colors. 8pm, $7 @ The Gold Bar

Nippon Motion.  9pm, free @ Club K

Jazz Lunch. 9pm, free @ The Crown