April 21-27


OWBX: Stop Telling Women to Smile Open Discussion. 6pm @ The Chicken Box

CoHosts: Lease Agreement & Type A @ MICA’s Graduate Studio Center

Slow Children, Endless Bummer (returns from tour!), Assless Chaps, Sirhan Sirhan. 8pm @ The Gold Bar

Mary Ocher, Sick Lion, and Yoan Yeti. 9pm @ Holy Frijoles

Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats, Richard Album & The Singles, and The Miss Lonelys. 9pm @ The Crown

Zodiac Karaoke Party, hosted by Rjyan & Jessie. 9pm, free @ Yellow Sign Theater


Brendan Sullivan, Suno Deko, Amy Goodwin, and Cold Clod. 7pm @ The Farm (5007 Plainfield Ave.) 

Kareoke Forever @ The Crown


Black Dice, Wolf Eyes, Nautical Almanac, and Odwalla88. 7pm, ye$ @ Current Gallery

Screening of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to benefit Moveable Feast. 6:30pm @ Landmark Theatre

Soft Cat (solo), Passerine, and Tongue Oven. 8:30pm @ Normal’s 

Total Slacker, Weekends, Sun Club, and Raindeer. 8pm, $12 adv, $15 dos @ Metro Gallery

Microkingdom, Blacksage, Et Al, Vlonde, Sheilds. 11pm @ The Crown


Ravengers, Games, and Slow Jerks. 8:30pm, $8 @ The Gold Bar

Kahlon with Blackie, Abdu Ali, Sex Gender, Schwarz, and Richard Kennedy. 9pm, $7 @ The Crown

Vayda, Rod Hamilton and Louis Weeks. 8pm, $8 @ Ottobar


Alloverstreet: April E Oliver St. Art Walk. 7pm @ The Bahamas, Bodega Gallery, Copycat B401, Gallery CA, Holy Underground, Lil’ Gallery, Penthouse Gallery, and Springsteen Gallery

Frankie Cosmos, Aaron Maine (Porches. solo), Flashlight O, Jake Lazovick, and OK Car Crash. 7pm, ye$ @ The Bahamas

Reading & Print Show: Broadsides Project Vol. I from Black Aggie Press. 7pm, free @ The Holy Underground

Der Vorführeffekt Theatre Presents: Three Kinds of Wildness. 8pm, $7-$10 @ The Fifth Dimension

The Death Set (EP release), The Sneaks, Wax Witches and Judge Mental. 8pm, $8 adv, $10 dos @ The Gold Bar

Miz’ries, Jonathan Badger, and Sync. 8:30pm @ The Red Room

White HIlls, Sri Aurobindo, Man Forever, and Black Lung. 9pm, $10 @ Metro Gallery

Dead Mellotron, Gage, Comadrome and Extant @ The Crown

Closing reception for A.D.H.D with DJ Poorgrass @ Alchemy of Art


Dustin Wong, Zomes, Sunatirine, and Amanda Schmidt. 9pm, $7 @ Floristree

Opening reception for Eureka! Impractical Solutions. 6:30pm @ Spur Gallery

All Men Must Dance with Gypsy Love, DJ Lems, and DJ Ch@tr, a benefit for Moveable Feast. 8pm, $7 @ Church and Company


High on Fire, Eyehategod, Corrosion of Conformity, Magrudergrind, Strong Intention, and Ilsa @ The Ottobar

Brendan Sullivan, Little Rib, Small Sur, and Bowlegged Gorrilla. 8:30pm @ The Crown

Aqua Nebula Oscillator, The Golden Grass, and Nebula Theory. 9pm @ Holy Frijoles

Square Wave (Vol. II). 10pm @ The Gold Bar 


SHOWSPACE is a listing of upcoming shows and events in Baltimore. Focusing on, but not limited to,  diy shows and events at artist run spaces. Looking for the address to one of the venues? Check the SPACES page. 

Submit a show by emailing heyshowspace@gmail.com

Find us on Twitter @heySHOWSPACE.

For shows in DC, see dcshowspace.wordpress.com.

April 14-20


DJ Dog Dick, Netherfriends, The Three-brained Robot, Goblin Mold, Feral Way and Nicky Smith. 9pm, $5 @ The Crown

Jem Cohen presents Gravity Hill Newsreels: Occupy Wall Street. 7pm @ UMBC’s Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery

Zodiac Karaoke Party, hosted by Rjyan & Jessie. 9pm @ Yellow Sign Theater

DV-i, Synthetiv Vision, MIDI Users’ Group, and Net Zero. 8 pm, $6 @ Club K


The IRS Tax Filing Deadline 2014 Dance Party with Coach Schmidt, Book of Morrin, and Dan Deacon. 9pm, free @ The Crown

Mission Zero with Art Sorority Girls, Human Kitten, and Jake Lazovick. 8pm @ Gallery 788

Joe Classic, Ne-Hi, Dungeon Kids, and Surf Wrap. 8:30pm @ The Gold Bar

New Coke, Sandratz, Thee Lolitas, and The Lexington Arrows. 9pm @ The Sidebar

Good Throb (UK), Priests (DC), Anasazi (NY), and Blazing Eye (CA) @ Barclay House


Jazz Lunch presents Cartoon Jazz. 9pm, free @ The Crown

Gates, Frameworks, Body Thief, and Distances. 6:30pm @ Charm City Art Space

Protomartyr, Spray Paint, Big Christ, and CP/M. 9pm @ The Gold Bar

Satan, Bat, Extermination Angel and Cemetery Piss. 9pm @ Metro Gallery


Opium Wam pum (part vi) with Marcel Du Swamp, Duncan Moore, Brother Simon, and Lee Heinemann. 9pm, $5 @ The Crown 

2014 World Book Night Pre-Party @ Atomic Books

White Fang, Denney and the Jets, Sick Lions, DJ Dad Weed, and more TBA 8:30pm, $8 @ Gold Bar


Loop, Flying Eyes, and Jowe Head. 8pm @ Metro Gallery

Automatic Cloudbuster Room with installation by Jesse Stiles and music by Ami Dang, Little Flowers, & Liz Meredith. 2pm @ Johns Hopkins Mattin Center, Jones Building, Room 101


Outer Spaces, Which Magic, Laser Background (PA), and Other Colors. 8pm, $5 @ Current Gallery

Andrew Bernstein, Baseball Cap and Jenny Graf. 8:3-pm, $5 @ Hideous Mansion (2452 Eutaw Place)

75th Annual Record Store Day with music by Owen Gaertner, Oh Hang, Vlonde, Sea Couch, Little Rib, The Bow-Legged Gorilla, The Baltimore String Felons and The Daily Lion. 2pm @ Normal’s

Spring Dance Party with DJ Mills. 9pm, free @ The Crown

Intergalactic Pub Crawl @ Liam Flynns, Windup Space, Gold Bar, The Crown

Garage Party with Sick Thoughts, The Stent and Idle Gossip. 10pm, $8 @ Golden West

Nemesisters (PA), Blood Horses, Fainting Spells (FL), and Arab Spring. Ye$ @ Holy Underground

Curse, Extended Release, Decide Today, Divtech, and Deepitated Hed. 8pm, $6 @ Sidebar 


Mr. Matthews, KHF, Lexie Mountain, DJ Pigs-R-US, Caleb Johnston, and DJ GXNT. 9pm @ Tribel House

Clarinet Panic and Travis Johns. 8:30 @ The Red Room 

Benny’s Video presents Smiley Face and Mysterious Skin. 7pm, free @ The Crown

Local H, The Matrimonials, and Sr. 8pm @ Metro Gallery

Caleb Stine, Will Stratton, Sweet Saro, and 20ooo. 7pm, $8 @ The Gold Bar

April 7-13


Strange Times People Band, Ura Rider, The Hecks, and Functionary. 9pm, ye$ @ The Crown


Curse, Elagabalus, The Funeral & the Twilight, Prostate, and Truth Serum @ Fifth Dimension

The Bowlegged Gorilla, Noah Kain, Fax Holiday(MA), and Radiator King (NY). Ye$ @ Roseanne Bar (B301)

Monster Jam Orlando with DJs Alex Scally, Tommy Rouse and Victoria Legrand. 9pm, free @ The Crown

Allvaret (SWE), Dead Mechanical, Whiff, and Cult Control. 8pm, $7 @ The Gold Bar


Yeesh, Blind Man Leading, Golden Gurls, and Ratboiled. 8:30pm, ye$ @ The Gold Bar

Norman McLaren at 100 - 16mm film screening. 8pm, free @ Holy Underground

Vague Output with C10, Vlonde, Zensations, and BWO. 10pm, free @ The Crown

What Weekly presents The Hustle: Comedy Show. 8pm, $5 @ Metro Gallery


Sick Din, Which Magic, Yoan Yeti, and Liz Vayda. 9pm, $5 @ The Crown

Golden Pelicans, Advlts, and Quitter. 8:30pm, ye$ @ The Gold Bar

Opening reception for Humanoid Boogy, works by William S. Dutterer. 6:30pm @ Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra. 8pm @ Ottobar

Opening reception for They Exist: Paintings by Spencer Carmona. 5pm @ the John Fonda Gallery (45 W. Preston St.)


Glitterthighs presents: TT the Artist, Double Duchess, Big Dipper, Mighty Mark, Lemz, Day Creeper and Bloody Show. $7 before 11pm, $11 after @ The Crown/ The Gold Bar

Tiger Flowers,  Bueno Crusher,  Queensway, DREGS, and Bereave. 7pm @ Charm City Art Space

Spring training dance party with James Nasty, DJ Dad Weed, and Space Runner. 9pm, ye$ @ The Ottobar

Old Lines, Bouncing Betty, and Blood Horses. 9pm @ Sidebar

CCL$, The Shy Violet, Sir E.U., Big Christ, and The Van Allen Belt. 8pm, $5 @ Holy Underground


Space Dinosaur (NY), The Sneaks, and Stevepossible. 9pm @ The Crown

Early American, Black Lung, The Convocation, and The Gold Bug. 8:30pm, $6 @ The Gold Bar

Artful, Joe Nice, Jett Chandon, Tarik Evolve, DJ Omnibud, DJ Nysus, Deinfamous, Render One, plaeground, Bassdread, Halsey Payne, Frankenfiel, Winkleman, Grizwall and Booda Monk. 11pm @ The Paradox


Benny’s Video presents Perfect Blue @ The Crown 

Ancient party release party.  3pm @ Windup Space

Embarker, Wiese, Gaybomb, Newton, and Wisniewski/Meredith @ The Red Room

March 31- April 6


Farewell My Concubine, Father Finger, Sofia Reta, and Handy. 9pm, donations @ Tribel Haus

MFF presents It Felt Like Love with director Eliza Hittman. 7pm @ MICA Brown Center

The Loose Ones: Jazz Improv. 9pm, free @ Club K


Wume, PC Worship, and Early Universe. 9pm, ye$ @ The Crown

Pop Crimes, Street Parade, Franco Difolco, and Arrabers. 8pm, $6 @ Club K

Ringworm, Death Before Dishonor, Relentless, and Piece Keeper. 7pm @ Charm City Art Space


Woodsman (NYC), Television Hill, Wing Dam, and Raindeer. 8pm, $8 @ Metro Gallery

Tweens, Expert Alterations, Quitter and Et. Al. 8pm, ye$ @ The Gold Bar

Chiffon, Co La, Magical Mistakes (Japan), Seiho (Japan), Vice Versa (Japan), and Mathew Starke. 8:30pm, $6 @ The Crown


Jumpcuts, King of Prussia, Case Conrad, and Senechia & Family. 9pm, $7 @ The Sidebar

Opening receptions for NYC vs. Bmore Art Show (Main Gallery) and “Attached” by Mia Weiner (Hickory Room) with music by Dirtyfinger (NY), Gunwife Gone, and Unstoppable Death Machines (NY). 7pm @ Gallery 788

Hey You, Come Back!: A Reading Series. 7pm @ The Crown

IMDA MFA Thesis Exhibition. 5pm @ The Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture (1000 Hilltop Circle)

Lushfarm, Sal Bando, The Set Up, and Kyle Oppod. 9pm, $7 @ The Metro Gallery

Hi-Life Wedding, Glitterlust (DC), Anetherums, and Echo Hey Hello. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Opening reception for the A.D.H.D. show with music by D.T. Huber. 8:30pm @ The Alchemy of Art

Lizz King, N’y qu’il, 20ooo, Myles Manley (Ireland), and Jeff Brunell. 8pm, Ye$ @ Holy Underground


Pet Bottle Ningen with Chuck Bettis and Tom Borax/MC Schmidt Duo. 8:30pm, $6 @ The Red Room

Big Ups, Wind Delay, and LVL UP. 8:30pm, ye$ @ The Gold Bar

Opening reception for Symport featuring 11 artists. 7pm @ Current Gallery

Save Your Soul with Josh Styles. 9pm, $5 for members and guests, $5 annual membership @ Lithuanian Hall

Freqy Friday with DJ Blaqstarr, Shawn Smallwood, and Meche Korrect. 10pm @ The Crown


Federal Dust Reading Series #5 with R.M. O’Brien, Lesser Gonzales Alvarez, Randolph Pfaff, and Jamie Perez. 7:30 pm, free @ 1003 Light Street, Rear Apt

Marc Miller, Impatience Machine, Patchwork, Rod Hamilton, and Skinner/Lau Duo (performing works by Villa-Lobos). 9pm @ The Penthouse Gallery

Blue Sky Deep, Robotopotamus, and DJ Jjonathon Fell. 8pm, $7 @ Club K 

Fell Band, Goblin Mold, Little Rib and Nick Hope. 9pm @ The Gold Bar

Dirty Soul Dance Party with DJ Landis Expandis. 10pm @ The Crown

XIX: An Experimental Fashion Event. 6 and 8:30pm, $7 advance, $10 at the door @ 2640 Space


Dan Meyer Choir. 4pm, free @ 2640 Space

The Hague, Gloria Adios, Atlas at Last, and Myrh Myrhh. 8pm, $7 @ Club K

Casper & the Cookies, Balkan Falcon, Monster Museum & Sweepstakes. 7pm, $8 @ The Metro Gallery

Vices, Head Creeps, Demands, and Sailor’s Mouth. 3pm @ Charm City Art Space